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Los Angeles Protesters Body Slam & Wrestle With Cops, Pull Out Machete — In Broad Daylight

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It’s pretty insane to think that “peaceful protesters” have no problem with physically attacking innocent men and women simply because they vote differently. And if you’re a cop, no matter how good you are at your job – even if you’ve never had a complaint against you – look out!

What happened on Sunday in Los Angeles is a disgrace. And still, Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Schiff, Waters, and the rest of ’em are silent.

Speaks volumes.

From KTLA:

Los Angeles police on Sunday said they made four arrests after a clash between civilians and police followed “peaceful” protests in downtown L.A. the day before.

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According to LAPD, some people within a large crowd of protesters started to “direct physical assaults on officers” and vandalized property just after 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Protesters also walked onto the 101 Freeway.


Authorities arrested three people for alleged battery on a police officer and one person, who allegedly had a machete, on suspicion of causing a disturbance, LAPD said.


China, Russia, and, well, pretty much every country in the world has to be laughing at the US right now. And liberals love it.

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