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Louisiana Governor Says State's Coronavirus Trajectory 'Same As Italy's'

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Brand new predictive models for the coronavirus outbreak in the state of Louisiana have demonstrated that they are on the same trajectory as the country of Italy, which means they could be facing extremely high numbers of cases that could potentially overwhelm their healthcare system, according to Gov. John Bel Edwards.

The governor went on to say that if residents of Louisiana followed the guidelines put out by the state and federal government for mitigating the spread of the illness, the “worst case scenario” could be avoided.

The guidelines Edwards mentioned include avoiding large groups, staying home as much as possible, and practicing social distancing when you interact with other people.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

“Our trajectory is basically the same as what they had in Italy,” Edwards said.

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Italy’s COVID-19 death toll exceeds 3,400, and health care providers are being forced to choose which patients will receive intensive care based on their survival chances, according to published reports.

Louisiana, particularly the New Orleans area, has one of the highest per-capita infection rates in the country. Edwards on a conference call with the president and other governors Thursday asked for more federal help in increasing the state’s medical capacity.

The Louisiana Department of Health’s “strike team” is working with providers to increase capacity, Edwards said. Strategies may include reallocating medical staff who are no longer performing elective procedures and renovating and reopening closed facilities.

Gov. Edwards said that the predictive models can changed based on the rate of growth of the coronavirus’ spread and how many individuals are sick with it and need to be hospitalized.

While the numbers of cases are expected to explode in the short term due to more available testing, it’s important to note those infections actually happened several days ago.

In other words, people just need to stay inside and ride this out for awhile so we can nip this in the bud and get back to normal that much faster. Here’s hoping the folks in Louisiana do just that.

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