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Machismo Grenade Trick Kills Russian Sergeant and his Troops

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The world has long loved to suggest that “war is Hell”.  It’s the sort of saying whose attribution in the history books is completely beside the point, as the knowledge was always just there, in the common ether of human consciousness.

And it’s not just the fire and smoke and wailing of war that makes it Hellish, (or biblical in totality), but also the justice of it all.  The fate and the destiny, at least at times.

And so, as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to reap what it sows, an almost perfect parable for the Kremlin’s humiliation has arrived.

An explosion in Russia’s Belgorod region that killed three soldiers and injured 16 others was caused by a sergeant who set off a grenade at his unit as he tried to “establish authority,” according to local reports.

The blast reportedly occurred at a military facility in Belgorod region’s Korochansky district on January 14.

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Belgorod is located near the Ukrainian border and houses several Russian military bases and training grounds.

According to Baza, a Russian Telegram channel that regularly posts information about security issues within the country, the explosion occurred at a cultural center re-purposed to house mobilized troops.

Here’s the embarrassing part:

Baza said the man who caused the blast “picked up an RGD-5 grenade in order to establish authority over his troops.”

“After the explosion, which took place in a cultural center housing mobilized soldiers, ammunition detonated and a fire erupted over an area of 450 square meters. It took firefighters about four hours to extinguish it.” Baza reported.

The incident is just the latest humiliating incident in Russia’s unwinnable war in Ukraine, and will no doubt spark new fears among mobilized civilians as they are sent off to war against their will.

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