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Macron Invokes World War III to Trash Trump, Tout German Alliance

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Relations between the United States and parts of Europe seem to be straining over the course of the last few months, as the mainstream media continues to push an anti-President agenda on the world.

Most recently, President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have been in a war of words…literally.

The semantic battle comes as President Trump controversially touted “nationalism” in a recent rally appearance.  It is important to note that this was not an endorsement of “white nationalism” at all, which itself is a depraved and inexcusably racist bastardization of the term.  Trump was merely attempting to bolster his “America First” ideology and happened to employ a word that gives people pause.

Macron has jumped at the opportunity to repeatedly slam the Commander in Chief for this choice, however, and this week is upping the ante by drawing a line in the figurative sand with shades of World War II in the mix as well.

President Emmanuel Macron has heralded a Franco-Germany alliance which he says will lead Europe and stop the world “descending into chaos.”

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Mr Macron visited Germany on Sunday to commemorate both the end of World War One and Germany’s Day of Mourning for victims of dictatorship and war, the Frenchman meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel afterwards to discuss the EU army and how to counter the growing strength of eurosceptics in the run-up to the European elections in May 2019.

Addressing the German Bundestag, Macron made clear who he believed to be the founders of the bloc of 27 nations (minus Britain, which will be leaving the EU in March), regarding others as “partners” who have since joined the Franco-German axis.

Then, in an oddly vague statement:

“France has always been on Germany’s side,” said the progressive president of the French Republic, explaining in the ambitious speech of his vision for the European Union that “the new Franco-German responsibility is to build a modern, effective, sovereign, democratic Europe,” which seeks to “regulate fair trade, protect the environment, and provide a good balance between individual freedom and collective solidarity.”

The dagger for Donald came later:

“We must have common defence, turn the euro into an international currency with a budget, and create a European asylum office… all of this is in front of us.”

Claiming that Germany and France “owe it to the world” to develop into a European super-state, he warned that the world was “changing” and “at a crossroads,” speaking with foreboding of a “nationalism without any memory.”

Much like the mainstream media’s insistence on covering a non-existent “New Civil War”, Macron’s insistence on choosing sides in a hypothetical World War III is truly unnerving.


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