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Macron Metaphorically Maimed After Suggesting Campaign of Cruelty for Unvaccinated

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From the very onset of the coronavirus crises, there have been fears that the pandemic would lead to government crackdowns, an erosion of human rights, and a segregation of the global population down lines normally defined by bodily sovereignty.

And, it pains many to report that this prediction appears to be coming true.

Take France, for instance, where President Emmanuel Macron has now suggested that the government wage a war of cruelty against those who choose to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.

The [French] government on Wednesday defended President Emmanuel Macron’s use of coarse language in a stepped-up campaign against France’s unvaccinated, after his words drew condemnation from the opposition and mixed reactions from voters.

Macron said he wanted to “piss off” unvaccinated people by making their lives so complicated they would end up getting jabbed. He was speaking in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper in which he also called unvaccinated people irresponsible and unworthy of being considered citizens.

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At least one rebuke came awfully quickly.

“A president cannot say such things,” Christian Jacob, chair of the conservative Les Republicans party, told parliament as it discussed a bill to make it mandatory for people to show proof of vaccination to enter many enclosed public spaces.

Violent protests against continued coronavirus lockdowns have spread throughout Europe about as quickly as virus itself has, and the French citizenry aren’t likely to take kindly to this latest faux pas.

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