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Mad Dog Heads to Border with Strong Message for Troops

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The first trickle of immigrants from the massive migrant caravan have begun to turn up at our southern border this week, and the US is sparing no expense in order to maintain law and order during the asylum process.

In addition to the wonderfully capable men and women of the US Border Patrol, the United States has mobilized several thousand military troops to the region in an effort to peacefully and legally maneuver this massive horde to the border.

The caravan itself is thought to be up to 14,000 people strong and, thanks to help from within Mexico, several hundred could be making their way to Texas in a matter of days.  In an effort to bolster the mission and keep our nation secure from illegal crossings, James “Mad Dog” Mattis is heading to the border to speak to the troops.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis will travel to Texas on Wednesday to visit troops currently deployed in support of the Southwest border mission.

Mattis’ trip comes amid a significant active-duty troop presence along the U.S. border with Mexico to deter a caravan of migrants seeking asylum.

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And it’s no small showing of force, either.

The Department of Defense estimates that more than 7,000 troops will be positioned in California, Arizona and Texas in support of the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection. In which case, the border mission, will have a larger U.S. military footprint than the combined efforts in Iraq and Syria.

What’s more, President Donald Trump said he was prepared to deploy as many as 15,000 service members to the border, a move that would be on par with the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, which remains America’s longest war.

“I’ll visit the border tomorrow,” Mattis told reporters Tuesday before meeting his Qatari counterpart at the Pentagon. “We’ll update you on costs [associated with border mission] as they become known,” he added.

Mattis has long been held in high regard among active and former military members, often being referred to as “a soldier’s soldier”.

His appearance and expertise at the border will certainly be appreciated by the cold and wet troops who have been battling unseasonable weather this past week.

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