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Magnet Fishing 11 Year Old Hauls in $20K Worth of Sniper Rifles in Florida

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There are plenty of truly strange things that happen in Florida.  That just seems to be the nature of the Sunshine State at times.

In fact, Florida has become one of the few places in America where we can expect weird to be the norm.  This is where a strange drug called “bath salts” led to fears of a zombie apocalypse, and where a strange animal called the “skunk ape” is said to roam.  Florida is home to weather forecasts warning of falling iguanas and the inspiration for an entire website dedicated to stories of “Florida Man”.

This week’s wacky tale from the deep, deep south doesn’t involve any invasive species or methamphetamines, however.  Just an 11-year old boy, his grandpa, some high-powered magnets, and some very powerful sniper rifles.

An 11-year-old Florida boy decided to try out magnet fishing with his grandpa in a canal and discovered two .50-caliber M82A1 Barrett sniper rifles submerged beneath an overpass.

Allen Cadwalader had a five-pound magnet on the end of a rope and tossed it off a bridge off the C-102 Canal on Sunday. Within minutes, he’d struck the first rifle, his grandfather, Duane Smith, told Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

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They had expected to fish up some scrap metal or other odds and ends and wanted to clean up the waterway, said Smith, a retired Army infantry officer with 18 years active duty and 11 in the reserves. They chose the canal just because it was near a family home in Homestead.

But what they hauled up from the depths was simply stunning.

“We ended up with two pounds of scrap metal and 40 pounds of gun,” he said.

The weapons were bundled up in shrink wrap, he said. And at first he didn’t know what they’d pulled out until he brought them home and cleaned them up.

“The rifles consisted of the lower receiver and bolt carrier group,” he said. “I did not recognize them when they were pulled out because they were wrapped like a mummy.”

The weapons certainly had some nefarious characteristics, with the serial numbers having been filed off and the barrels removed.

These particular guns cost a pretty penny, with each rifle estimated to be worth about $10,000 when new.

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