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Mainstream Media Caught Red Handed

No longer can journalists and editors freely intimidate without paying the price; and they don’t like it!



As Written By Jim Bowman.

In pre Trump times, the well worn phrase “liberal press” was simply the acceptance of normal media bias. The reader was resigned while the journalist felt a sort of pride in knowing that his slant was being digested daily.

Not so today. Now, that “liberal” moniker is being subjected through a detailed microscope, one that they themselves instigated. Decades of indiscriminate accusations and ridicule now face a Presidential accounting. No longer can those assorted journalists and editors freely intimidate without paying the price; and they don’t like it!

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Last week, the Boston Globe organized over 300 editorial chiefs into one voice of rebuke against this White House review. This stemmed from Trump’s responses to what he considers as a “fake” presentation of news events. What follows is a rebuttal to such editorial thin skinners. It should offer a greater understanding and accounting of the results from the media’s habitual fakery. Also, this tends to bolster our President’s messaging.

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Fifty years ago, our “free press” began its coverage of the Tet Offensive. This month long offensive was often brutally detailed during evening viewing and was depicted as a major defeat for our military in Vietnam. Only problem was, nothing could have been further from the truth! With this time span, an emerging inference that our President’s characterization of the media’s “fake news” product is long overdue and welcomed.

For some reason, our “free press” chose to report that our forces suffered a humiliating defeat rather than detailing the enemy’s near total destruction. The question which has never been addressed is “why?” Why report such a total fabrication when it would obviously increase at home unrest but more disturbingly, aid our enemy? When comparing that long ago abuse of the truth with today’s media parade of anti-Trumpisms, one could say that similarities exist. That long ago false reporting redirected our Country’s war effort while also affecting our societal norms. Could the present media agenda be a rescale of such disloyal heights? Since it’s obvious that only an impeachment will silence the angry three hundred, could their goal be to once again achieve a redirection of our National policy?

A glimpse into that time so long ago should provide a more accurate focus or understanding of just what the media’s reporting of Tet reversed. A detailed but relatively unknown analysis comes from North Vietnamese Colonel Bui Tin who wrote of Tet in his “Following Ho Chi Minh: Memoirs of a North Vietnamese Colonel,” that “our losses were staggering and a complete surprise.” The Colonel continues that “Our forces in the South were nearly wiped out by all the fighting in 1968. It took us until 1971 to re-establish our presence…” Also, “If the American forces had not begun to withdraw under Nixon in 1969, they could have punished us severely…”

Our media’s month long “Tet campaign” to deceive both the American public and governmental leaders with reporting a defeat, rather than rejoicing over our military victory, is best undressed by Col. Tin’s conclusion that, “If Johnson had granted Westmoreland’s requests to enter Laos and block the Ho Chi Minh trail, Hanoi could not have won the war.”

Try to measure the damage from such a deceptive media agenda and at a time when Americans were serving and dying in the very effort which was being sabotaged by our “free press!” It would seem that Trump’s labeling of “fake news” is a well earned and deserving acknowledgment?

To think that now, the Boston Globe is joined by their cabal of thin skinned journalists and editors who mutually feel that as one editor stated, “Trump diminishes and belittles the work of the nation’s free press.” This was presented in an August 16th editorial in the Daytona News Journal. Also expressed was that “At every level, most media outlets have restrained from firing back at Trump. We strive to be rational and fair…” No comment on their “rational and fair” efforts, that goofiness speaks for itself, but what is implied from the 300 editorials if not a “firing back?”

Such a long ago accounting of a supposedly battle lost, while fully aware that the opposite was true, may now qualify as the cornerstone for today’s legitimate “fake news” impressions. The degree of injury, both at home and in the field, from this anti-American format stands as testament to the harm that is created when journalistic integrity and truth fall out of favor. After all this time, hopefully what is taking place is a long awaited undressing of what the media has managed to accomplish with its pen; a pen that was and apparently still is valued to be “mightier than the sword.”


Putin Puffs Out His Chest: Crossing ‘Red Lines’ Will Prompt ‘Asymmetrical’ Response

Putin has been extremely antsy as of late.




It appears that US President Joe Biden is really getting under the skin of Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin. These leaders of the world two preeminent superpowers have been trading barbs for weeks now, and on a range of subjects.  The latest focus of their fury has to do with the Kremlin’s continued aggression against Ukraine, where Russian military forces are lining just over the border, with “invasion stripes” painted on their vehicles to prevent friendly fire. This is a tacit admission that there will be fire, and Biden isn’t going to stand for it. The US first sent warships in the direction of the Black Sea in an attempt to deter Putin from poking the bear.  The Russian government responded by blocking the entrance to the area and warning that America’s maneuvers were “adversarial”. Biden responded by sanctioning Russia over a major hacking attack that took place months ago. Now, just ahead of what is believed to be an inevitable Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin is once again puffing out his chest. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual State of the Nation speech, warned on Wednesday against provoking his country, promising a swift retaliation against anyone who crossed “red lines.“ Moscow will respond “harshly,” “quickly” and “asymmetrically” to foreign provocations, Putin told an audience of Russia’s top officials and lawmakers, adding that he “hoped” no foreign actor would cross Russia’s “red lines,” according to a Reuters translation. Russia is also facing international condemnation for their treatment of journalist Alexei Navalny, who is believed to be at death’s door at a Russian prison hospital.  Joe Biden has said that Russia would “pay a price” if Navalny were to perish in custody of the government.

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DOJ Opens Investigation into Minneapolis Police Department

The investigation will feature the department’s civil rights division.



On Tuesday, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all charges in the death of George Floyd. Chauvin was seen on video kneeling on the neck of Floyd for nearly 9 minutes as the restrained man slowly suffocated, in a moment that has haunted our nation for a year. Now that Chauvin is off to prison, and a likely, lengthy appeals process, the Department of Justice is now hoping to find out exactly what went wrong in Minneapolis, and whether or not there is some systemic issue with the police department itself. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Wednesday that the Justice Department will be conducting an investigation of law enforcement in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd. The announcement comes one day after a Hennepin County jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second degree murder for killing Floyd. “Yesterday’s verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in Minneapolis,” Garland said during a press conference. Garland said the probe will be a “fully comprehensive review” that will look into whether the Minneapolis Police Department has a “pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing.” He specificed that this includes “using excessive force, including during protests,” as well as “discriminatory conduct and whether its treatment of those with behavioral health disabilities is unlawful.” The DOJ will utilize their civil rights division in the investigation, and the Attorney General said that the move could protect “good cops” from their not-so-pristine peers in the precinct. “I strongly believe that good officers do not want to work in systems that allow bad practices,” Garland said. “Good officers welcome accountability because accountability is an essential part of building trust with the community and public safety requires public trust.” Chauvin was moved to prison on Wednesday, and promptly…

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