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Major Tourist Town to Start Charging Visitors a Fee

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There are plenty of ways that the average global citizen can get squeezed by “the man”, and there has long been a tightrope to be walked between methods that are considered opportunistic and those that we would consider offensive.

For instance, when marijuana became legal for citizens of Colorado, the state understood that they would be facing a massive influx of “pot tourism”.  This was already going to be an enormous boost to the state’s economy, but lawmakers decided to take things a step further by increasing the marijuana tax rate for those purchasing products with out-of-state identification.  While this is certainly opportunistic, it’s not exactly offensive.

But what if your favorite tourist destinations started charging you just to visit, as though an entire city were Disney World? Would that be offensive?

Venice is about to find out.

Starting in January, Venice will oblige day-trippers to make reservations and pay a fee to visit the historic lagoon city, in a bid to better manage visitors who often far outnumber residents in the historic center, clogging narrow streets and heavily-used foot bridges crossing the canals.

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Venice officials on Friday unveiled new rules for day-trippers, which go into effect on Jan. 16, 2023.

Tourists who choose not to stay overnight in hotels or other lodgings will have to sign up online for the day they plan to come and pay a fee. These range from 3 to 10 euros ($3.15 to $10.50) per person, depending on advance booking and whether it’s peak season or the city is very crowded.

And if someone chooses to skirt the law?

Transgressors risk fines as high as 300 euros ($315) if stopped and unable to show proof they booked and paid with a QR Code.

Venice is a city known for it’s day-trippers, with an estimated 80% of all visitors to the city opting not to spend the night.

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