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Major Toy Company Doubles Down, Supports LGBT Org That Puts On 'Youth Drag Shops'

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Having already gone woke, another company is determined to go broke.

Hasbro announced that it will donate a portion of proceeds from sales of designated t-shirts and tote bags to a group called “Youth Pride RI.”

Youth Pride, Inc. describes itself as “the only nonprofit in Rhode Island specifically dedicated to meet the needs of LGBTQIA+ youth 23 and under.”

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The reader should not be misled by the comparatively benign-sounding phrase “23 and under.” Youth Pride also offers “social space for our 13 and under youth.”

Breitbart reported that Youth Pride recently organized a three-day “youth drag workshop” for participants as young as 14.

Another Youth Pride program targets much younger children. “Little Unicorns” is described as “a place for LGBTQ+ youth ages 5-9 to gather and socialize while families connect with each other and receive relevant information.”

Should Hasbro support the organization?

Hasbro believes that these children, ages 5-13, should “Be Proud, Be You.”

This comes on the heels of the toy company’s recent decision to introduce a non-binary character into the children’s TV show, “Transformers: EarthSpark.” Newsweek reported that the non-binary storyline “is thought to have begun in November but only recently gained widespread public attention” in the wake of the Bud Light boycott.

There are two major stories here, and both are alarming.

First, there is Hasbro’s decision to double-down on the “pride” theme.

Viewed in the context of Bud Light and Target, Hasbro might seem like only the latest company to commit an act of self-immolation by exposing itself to boycott. When companies genuflect at the woke altar, fed-up consumers shop elsewhere.

The alarming part of this first major story, however, is that Hasbro executives know about the boycotts, so they must expect to lose money. Yet they doubled-down anyway.

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This means that corporate overlords feel empowered to push the woke agenda even when it costs them financially.

We have seen this particular manifestation of haughtiness elsewhere. Fox News could afford to part ways with Tucker Carlson, for instance, because the Murdoch family need not worry about losing money.

In short, some corporate executives, contrary to reason or expectations, will choose their woke religion over their company’s bottom line.

Salespeople and maintenance workers, after all, can be downsized.

Second, there is Hasbro’s support for an organization that pushes an LGBT agenda on children as young as 5. Youth Pride, for instance, offers a list of health-care specialists who “practice gender and sexuality affirming care.”

“Affirming care” means that providers are expected to acknowledge and reinforce a patient’s declared gender identity. The American Psychiatric Association, for instance, has defined gender identity as “a person’s basic internal sense of being a man, woman, and/or another gender.” The APA also has insisted that if a clinician uses a pronoun that does not match the patient’s “internal sense” of gender, then the clinician “should apologize, thank the patient for correcting them, and continue the conversation.”

This is the LGBT agenda as reflected in the alliance between Youth Pride and Hasbro. If a child as young as 5 years old makes a claim about his or her “internal sense” of gender identity, therapists and other health specialists are expected to affirm this claim.

If there is a practical difference between mandated affirmation and steering children toward the LGBT lifestyle, that difference is not easy to discover. Likewise, if there is a difference between steering children toward LGBT and sexualizing them altogether, that difference also is not easy to discover.

Is there anything about the sexualization of children that either has not already been said or that should not be abundantly obvious to every adult human being who possesses a moral sense?

This sort of thing has become so common that by sheer familiarity and daily exhaustion it threatens to dull our outrage. We cannot let this happen. The sexualization of children, some of whom will not reach the age of consent until 2036, must be the line in the sand.

This is not Bud Light. This is not a beer can with an image of an adult male pretending to be female. These are children.

Hasbro has made its choice. So must we.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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