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Man Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Has No Idea She’s a Retired Cop…Immediately Regrets It

Big mistake.



A man attempted breaking into a Florida woman’s home Monday afternoon, but as it turns out, he made a really bad choice, as his intended victim was actually a retired police officer. And she was armed.

The woman, who was alone at the time of the incident, fired off at least one shot at the man, who then ran to a vehicle and sped away.

Talk about scary. Criminals seem to be getting bolder and bolder these days, carrying out crimes during broad daylight that used to only happen at night.

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A man later was found with a gunshot wound at a nearby gas station, and he later died of his injuries at a hospital, WKMG reported.

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Deputies told the station they’re still working to connect the home burglary to the shooting victim and are searching for a light-colored Ford Taurus seen speeding from the area.

She [homeowner] was a seven-year veteran of the Kissimmee police force until she resigned to run her former husband’s physician office, WESH reported.

This former police officer is precisely why the Second Amendment exists. Imagine the endless possibilities that could’ve happened had the woman not had a means of protecting herself? No one knows for sure this man’s intentions, but you can bet your bottom dollar they certainly weren’t good.

Our Founding Fathers had the brilliance to look into the future, knowing that we the people would need to protect ourselves from violent criminals and oppressive government, so they included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, guaranteeing that we would have the means to defend life, liberty, and property.

Getting rid of this amendment will not get rid of lawless men and women bent on the destruction of our society by theft and violence. In fact, it will create easier targets, making more victims. The country will be less safe.

This is why we must spread stories like this one, where a gun saved lives, far and wide.

Source: TheBlaze

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John Salvatore



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Bad, bad, bad – all bad!

John Salvatore



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