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Man Ordered to Pay $53K Monthly Spousal Support for 10 Yrs Despite Never Marrying Girlfriend

In what world??

John Salvatore



Whoa. That headline is no joke. Imagine if you were the man in this situation. You dated a woman for 14 years, never got married, never had kids, yet are still ordered to fork over $53,000 monthly for the next decade.

In what world does that make sense?

A liberal world.

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Welcome to Canada — from TDW:

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Michael Latner, a reported multi-millionaire, was in a relationship with List Climans for 14 years. Latner was a divorced father of three while Climans was a separated mother of two when they began their romantic relationship in October 2001, the National Post reported. Throughout their 14-year relationship, the couple lived in separate homes, but would regularly stay over at each other’s houses. They also went on vacation together, and Latner showered Climans with expensive gifts, including a 7.5-carat diamond ring and other jewelry. He also gave Climans “thousands of dollars each month, a credit card, [and] paid off her mortgage,” the Post reported. Climans reportedly quit her job and would sleep at Latner’s house often.


The two had their own bank accounts and never bought property together, nor did they have any children together.


After an eight-day trial, Superior Court Justice Sharon Shore ruled that Latner and Climans were, in fact, long-time spouses and that Latner should pay Climans $53,077 a month indefinitely. Shore ruled that even though the couple maintained separate homes, they spent part of the summer together at Latner’s cottage and stayed together in Florida for winter vacations. That was enough to determine cohabitation.

As the Post reported, under “Ontario law, an unmarried couple are considered common-law spouses if they have cohabited — lived together in a conjugal relationship — continuously for at least three years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean living in the same home, the court found.”

$53,077 a month indefinitely turned into $53,077 a month for the next 10 years after an appeal.

Does any of this make sense to you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section…

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Israeli Prime Minister Has Historic Meeting With Saudi Prince In Saudi Arabia



In a historic first for both Israel and Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held a meeting in the city of Neom, Saudi Arabia. This is the first time that a publicly acknowledged meeting between a prime minister of the Israeli government and high-level officials of the government of Saudi Arabia has ever taken place. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attended the historic event, along with Israeli Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen. via The Daily Wire: The meeting is the latest development in the ongoing growth of Arab nations rejecting their previous hostility toward Israel and joining in the effort to counter Iran, which they see as the gravest threat to peace in the Middle East. Those developments were fostered by the Trump administration, which rejected the dangerous Iran nuclear deal embraced by the Obama administration and instead concentrated on bolstering relations between Israel and the surrounding Gulf states. The astonishing rapidity of Arab nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan all joining the Abraham Accords within three months in 2020 represented a historic shift in the Middle East, nurtured by President Trump. It’s not surprising that Israel and Saudi Arabia would go public with the meeting between Netanyahu and the Saudi prince; they must be worried that a prospective Biden administration would coddle the despotic Iranian regime as the Obama administration did. Of course, all of these great strides toward peace in the Middle East could easily be destroyed if President Trump is not certified to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Former Vice President Joe Biden has already made it very clear he will rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, which will no doubt strain our relationship with Israel and many other nations in the region. How…

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Leader For Warp Speed Program Says First Americans Could Receive COVID Vaccine In December



Moncef Slaoui, the head of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine program, made an appearance on CNN over the weekend where he said that the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine could be administered to Americans around December 11. “Our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours from the approval, so I expect maybe on day two after approval on the 11th or the 12th of December,” Slaoui said. According to Slaoui, the efforts to get a vaccine ready as quickly as possible and distribute it among Americans is not going to be derailed if there happens to be a change in administration. via Newsmax: “All decisions are made, the train is running. Whether one administration or the other doesn’t, frankly, make a difference,” Slaoui said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The operation “has been isolated from the administration, from the political environment, and the political context,” said Slaoui, a former head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines operation. Yet information on the program isn’t been shared with the incoming Biden administration, he said, consistent with President Donald Trump’s failure to acknowledge his election loss. “I have been informed that I should not be saying anything that’s confidential to anybody, including, you know, anybody that’s not part of the administration, and therefore, I’ll act according to what the legal requirements are,” Slaoui stated. To summarize, Slaoui is saying that if President Trump’s lawsuits and recounts turn out to prove that Joe Biden really is the rightful president, the change in administration will not result in delays for the vaccine getting out to the people. Hopefully, this vaccine will turn out to be safe and effective, allowing folks to choose how they want to protect themselves and their loved ones from infection in the future.  

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