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Man Who Founded Group That Attacked Ted Cruz and Wife Has a Disturbing Past on Twitter



On Monday, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi dared to assume they could eat dinner in peace in Washington DC, but as Sarah Sanders taught us earlier this year, never assume you can eat at a dinner in peace when liberals are all fired up about something.

This time, the group Smash Racism DC was upset about the whole due process thing, and pinned their anger on Cruz, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, for, you know, not instantly putting Kavanaugh in the stocks and throwing out his nomination the moment a woman claimed he attempted to sexually assault her on an unspecified date in the 1980s.

They bragged about the incident on Twitter:

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Smash Racism DC, who yelled and cursed at Cruz and his wife with no apparent purpose other than to do what angry SJW mobs to best, was founded by a man who has a particularly ugly history of tweeting violent, racist, despicable things absolutely not deserving of the concept of “smashing racism” or “antifascism”.

Prison Planet shared some of the most notable tweets from Smash Racism DC founder Mike Isaacson, which include everything from wishing for the death of police officers to calling for the mass murder of white baby boomers to suggesting that Mike Pence be assassinated before Trump.

Behold, the face of “Smash Racism DC”:

Since the article has been posted, Isaacson appears to have removed the following tweets:

“Blue is a violet
Red is a rose
One day Donald Trump
Will hang by his toes”

4:43 PM – Feb 14, 2017


“Kill cops first”

5:37 PM – Jun 16, 2017


“Off the pigs “


“Kill your local politicians before they kill you …”

You can see all these tweets still embedded on Prison Planet’s report.




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US Embassy in Iraq Nearly Leveled by Rocket as Iran Tensions Soar

Mike Pompeo’s recent warning to US staff in the region is looking more prophetic by the minute.



baghdad iraq

Last week’s warning to US workers in Iraq could not have come a moment too soon, apparently. Due to increasingly hostile actions by the government of Iran, US officials last week demanded that non-essential American personnel leave the country of Iraq for feat that the regime in Tehran would soon launch a series of attacks.  As it turns out, this was far more prophetic than anyone could have imagined because, just days later, a rocket has nearly leveled the US Embassy in Baghdad. A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses government buildings and diplomatic missions, on Sunday night, falling near the U.S. Embassy but causing no casualties, the Iraqi military said. The attack came two weeks after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iraqi leaders during a surprise visit to Baghdad that if they failed to keep in check Iran-backed militias, which are expanding their power in Iraq and now form part of its security apparatus, the United States would respond with force. His visit came after U.S. intelligence showed Iran-backed Shi’ite militias positioning rockets near bases housing U.S. forces, according to two Iraqi security sources. There have been no claims of responsibility as of yet for the attack. Saudi Arabian officials have linked two recent attacks on their oil industry to Iran; one aerial drone attack on an oil pipeline, and a sophisticated underwater attack using makeshift torpedoes that damaged four ships. US President Donald Trump is hoping to stay out of conflict with Iran, but has warned that any action taken by the US will be swift and stern.

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Adam Schiff Predictably Pounces on Republican’s Call for Impeachment

While the tide may be turning in Congress, Nancy Pelosi continues to stonewall her own constituents.



Adam Schiff

As the dysfunction in DC reaches dire new heights, some who were previously loyal to President Trump have taken a turn. On the left, the idea of impeachment has been around since before Donald Trump even took office.  The simple fact that he was running for President was enough to have democrats working toward some sort of “back up plan” to oust him should he win. And when he did, the entirety of the left side of the aisle went up in flames. Now after two years of Trump in the Oval Office, the democrats are still trying to remove him, or nullify the results of the 2016 election by casting fears of Russian meddling into the public realm. One of the loudest voices in this anti-Presidential fracas has been Adam Schiff, who today latched onto a surprising republican call for impeachment. Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said his House of Representatives colleague Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) declaring President Donald Trump had engaged in “impeachable conduct” was courageous. Schiff said, “What the speaker has referred to and I have as well is can impeachment be successful in the Senate? We see no signs of that yet. I respect what Justin Amash is doing has said he showed more courage than any other Republican in the House or Senate. But what may be pushing us in the direction of impeachment in any event has less to do with Justin Amash but more the administration is engaging in a maximum obstructionism campaign.” Amash became the first prominent republican to publicly state his belief that Donald Trump has engaged in “impeachable” offenses. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has rebuked any and all talk of impeachment, furthering infuriating an already hysterical democratic base.  

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