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Manafort Sentenced! Will Spend Years Behind Bars

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When this whole #RussiaGate mess began, the nation was concerned; not for the possibility that Donald Trump would be outed as a Putin-puppet, but for the likelihood that Robert Mueller would have carte blanche to dig up dirt on the President.

Of course, this would be revenge for the hacking of Hillary Clinton campaign emails back in 2016 that inexorably altered the presidential election after having shown the Clinton team rigging the democratic primary.

So, as Robert Mueller was set off on his wild goose chase, he began, presumably, to look for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  After all, that was his stated task.

Now, nearly two years later, Mueller has been successful in garnering a few indictments of fringe characters in Donald Trump’s inner circle…none of which appear to have been connected to a Russian collusion plot.

Paul Manafort is a man on the sentencing end of one of Mueller’s wide ranging probes, and will now be facing years in the clink for his crimes.

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Paul Manafort’s prison sentence was upped to seven-and-a-half years on Wednesday morning, bringing an end to Robert Mueller’s most public legal battle and capping a spectacular fall for the globe-trotting GOP consultant and former chairman of the Trump campaign.

It’s the longest sentence by far for anyone ensnared in Mueller’s nearly two-year-old probe. Manafort’s punishment reached its final length after U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Wednesday gave Manafort an additional 43 months in prison for a series of lobbying and witness tampering crimes he pleaded guilty to last fall. Manafort also must serve nearly four years for his conviction in a jury trial for financial fraud crimes in Virginia.

Critics of Robert Mueller’s wide-berth will only be further incensed by the verdict, as the rest of the nation awaits the final Mueller report.

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