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Manhunt Underway After Men Allegedly Attempt to Abduct Two Teen Girls from Mall

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Pennsylvania police are seeking two men that they say tried to kidnap a teen girl from a mall before they slipped away on Wednesday night.

WPVI-TV reported the near-abduction occurred at the Willow Grove Park Mall in Montgomery County.

Police say a man believed to be in his thirties, was accompanied by a man in his fifties when they first approached a 14-year-old girl and attempted to talk with her.

Officers believe the pair became spooked when another teen approached the girl.

About 30 minutes later, the pair of would-be kidnappers found another 14-year-old girl who had gotten separated from her friends.

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The girl said she came down an escalator where she was approached by a man who introduced himself as “Alex.”

The teen told police the man tried to embrace her but she informed him she was underage and then made an attempt to leave the area.

Then the girl said the man grabbed her by the arm and tried to physically remove her from the mall.

Are you concerned about human trafficking?

Luckily, she was able to escape.

Both men fled the area and local police are working with the FBI to identify them.

“We’re still receiving tips, really good information,” Abington Township Police Chief Patrick Molloy told WPVI. “We’re receiving information from FBI task forces who are jumping on to help us out.”

The chief also commented on security footage of the attempted abduction.

“You can see by the video, he really grips her up and pulls her closer, almost like twisting her wrist,” he said. “Our concern is we can only think the worst. What were their intentions?”

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The two men suspected in the attempted abduction were reported to have left the mall in a dark grey Dodge or Chrysler minivan, or maybe an SUV crossover.

The attempted kidnapping occurred as critics of the film “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel, attempted to downplay the scope and horrors of human trafficking.

Since the film’s July 4 release, it has been a smash hit in theaters.

Liberal media outlets have tried to connect the film to “fantasy” and the QAnon conspiracy theory, in attempts to undercut its eye-opening message about the international sale and purchase of children.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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