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Mar-a-Lago Arrest Turns into International Espionage Mystery

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As Washington DC continues to emit its own stench this week, smelling of swamp gas and hot air, there is a deepening political mystery in the Sunshine State.

The President has been spending his working vacations not at Camp David or any remote enclave, but, instead at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.  And while the spot is not open to the general public, it certainly isn’t private thanks to its membership base and the constant flow of traffic that it provides.

For the Secret Service, this is likely a bit of a headache, especially given just how often the President does work form the sunny spot.

That’s why Americans are growing ever more concerned with the story of a Chinese national arrested at Mar-a-Lago just days ago with a number of James Bond-like gadgets in her possession.

Federal authorities are investigating possible Chinese intelligence operations targeting President Donald Trump and his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, sources familiar with the never-before-reported investigation told the Miami Herald Wednesday.

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The federal counterintelligence probe was turbo-charged on Saturday when U.S. Secret Service agents arrested a Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, after they said she tried to enter the club with a bevy of electronic devices, including a thumb drive infected with “malicious malware.”

Now here is where is gets even wilder…

The ongoing investigation has also recently focused on Li “Cindy” Yang, the sources told the Herald. Yang is a South Florida massage parlor entrepreneur who has promoted events at Mar-a-Lago with ads targeting Chinese business executives hoping to gain access to Trump and his family. The investigation — spearheaded by the FBI — began before the Herald revealed Yang’s business of selling access last month and focused on other Chinese nationals doing business in the region.

Yang is the same massage parlor owner whose establishment played host to the embarrassing arrest of Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, on charges stemming from his solicitation of prostitution at the business.
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