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March Madness Star Brings Bible to Podium After Heartbreaking Loss, Talks About Jesus

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There is no doubt that woke athletes have made it difficult for many conservatives to enjoy watching sports today. Some just won’t anymore.

The United States may have begun as a Christian-based society. But faith has since been under attack and eliminated wherever possible. Sports have just become another example of this. It’s a big issue for our kids, sports fans, and athletes.

That is the reason Grand Canyon University’s 6-foot-7 basketball forward Gabe McGlothan has been so refreshing for Christians. He is a phenomenal role model during the difficult climate in the United States.

Through McGlothan, God is inarguably on the move, and he’s using the stage of sports combined with McGlothan’s devotion to Him to remind everyone that He is much larger than the wins, the losses, and the overwhelming times thrust upon us by evil.

The Grand Canyon University Antelopes lost in the second round of the March Madness NCAA Tournament to the Alabama Crimson Tide 72-61 on Sunday.

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The disappointing loss ended the team’s NCAA Tournament run. What it didn’t do, though, was impact McGlothan’s faithfulness to God or belief that He is ever present beyond basketball.

McGlotham made headlines during the 2023 NCAA when he was spotted reading his Bible before games.

“So I do devotions, of course, daily devotions. But I also do devotions for a game,” he said at the time.

In Sunday’s post-game news conference, McGlotham again brought out his Bible, placing it in front of him as he prepared to answer questions. Yet, again, he “[brought] his sword to battle,” a creed of his he has been known to say.

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McGlothan’s confidently explained his spiritual leadership to the team following the loss, explaining the brotherhood that he felt with the 14 other players and how he felt lead to remind them of their true purpose in life.

“Our God is way bigger than just a basketball game,” he began.

“We lost the game, but, I mean, I gained 14 other brothers in the midst of it all and just looking at where God has led us through it all,” he continued.

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“Being able to carry this every single game and rely on it,” he said as he held up his Bible, “I know these guys started picking up their own Bibles, too.”

“They’re more than just basketball players. Your identity is way bigger than just basketball, and your identity is in Christ,” he explained.

“I’m proud of these guys, you know, having open hearts and being able to take the Word and live it out themselves. And so it’s just a message of, ‘You’re more than just a basketball player. God has built you and uniquely designed you to be who you are. And you have so many gifts that He will utilize for your purpose later on in life.'”

Sitting between coach Bryce Drew and Tyon Grant-Foster, who led in the number of baskets scored, according to azcentral, McGlothan showed enormous gratitude for the the season as a whole, including the spiritual journey, the tightly knitted fabric of his team, and the love and support the community showed.

In ending comments, when asked about his biggest joy for the season, McGlothan pointed to his teammates coming closer to Christ, once again seeing the larger picture. “My joy throughout the season was just seeing my brothers, you know, come to faith a little bit. They opened their hearts — they’re all believers — but really understanding who Jesus is and what he did for us. That truly was the biggest blessing.”

He is really a remarkable young man, who truly gets-it and isn’t afraid to say it and reap whatever comes. His faith is unwavering when it so easily could be.

As children are really struggling today for identity, so many pinning it to athletes and celebrities who are failing them, McGlothan stands apart. His voice is needed and the example he set in coping with a professional loss through personal faith is exceedingly powerful.

We should all take a note and make sure our children do, too, especially as they battle with their own insecurities amid ours as we face an uncertain future. He is obviously uniquely gifted to inspire people to cleave to the word.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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