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Marijuana Going Mainstream as Suds-Maker Ponders Pot Soda-Pop

Could this be the tipping point for national legalization?




America is on the precipice of greatness, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the gold rush of the 1800’s, but we need to remove our craniums from our posteriors in order to strike it rich.

You see folks, we have a hardy, pesky plant in our nation of agricultural domination that we could be growing en masse.  This literal weed will grow in any state in the nation, and with minimal effort.  And, to top it all off, the plant is worth lots and lots of money.

I’m speaking of course about the cannabis plant, which, despite the proliferation of legalization in dozens of states, remains a federally scheduled drug.

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With popular opinion and mainstream science now agreeing that the national prohibition of pot was probably a poor choice, we are seeing a number of massive corporations jumping on the cannabis bandwagon, signaling a possible tipping point for national legalization and prosperity.

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The latest corporate gargantuan to eye a piece of the pot business is Anheuser Busch-Inbev, makers of Budweiser.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest brewer, said Wednesday that it’s teaming up with Canada’s Tilray to research cannabis-infused drinks.

It’s the latest major company to start exploring the pot market following decisions to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada and a number of American states. AB InBev and Tilray will invest a combined $100 million into researching nonalcoholic drinks containing cannabis elements.

“We intend to develop a deeper understanding…that will guide future decisions about potential commercial opportunities,” Kyle Norrington, president of AB InBev’s Canadian subsidiary Labatt Brewing Com., said in a statement.

For now, AB InBev is only looking at using cannabis ingredients in Canada. The company, whose top brands include Bud Light and Stella Artois, will make a decision on whether the pot products are commercially viable at a later date.

Tilray, which is based in British Columbia, specializes in medicinal cannabis products. Earlier this week, the firm announced a partnership with Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis to distribute medicinal pot in international markets.

With the world’s largest beer company looking to buy potentially millions of dollars worth of cannabis annually in the near future, why won’t the United States stop wasting time and start growing money?


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Powerful Moment As Hundreds of Jews Take to NYC Streets & Demand ‘OMAR MUST GO!’ (Watch)


John Salvatore



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Cruz Calls Out Carrey For Vile Abortion Painting, So Jim Reveals Another Painting Aimed At Ted

Jim Carrey must have A LOT of free time, these days.

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