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Marine Veteran Absolutely Annihilates CNN Op-Ed Comparing Media to Soldiers

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Marine veteran and deputy editor of The Daily Caller news publication, David Brooks, took CNN — fake news central — to the woodshed over an opinion piece they recently published where they compared being in the media to being a soldier, a comparison that has not sat well with a large portion of the American public.

This, of course, has to do with CNN basically giving a very melodramatic “woe is me” for the way they have been put back in their place by President Trump. News flash, folks. The vast majority of American citizens can’t stand the mainstream media. The problem isn’t Trump. It’s you.

Anyway, check out Brooks’ brutal take down of the piece on “Fox & Friends.”

“Let’s start with the obvious point. The vast majority of journalists didn’t sign up to protect our nation and values,” Brooks said.

The op-ed, written by Notre Dame professor Joseph Holt and titled ‘The Press Isn’t The Enemy, It’s The Protector,” tried to compare members of the media with soldiers in the military.

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“This professor wasn’t even talking about journalists who do put themselves in harm’s way. He was talking about White House reporters who go to the press briefings and instead of asking questions, they pull out a soapbox and deliver sermons until Sarah Sanders shuts them down,” Brooks said.

“Then they head to Twitter like it’s their personal diaries and make the stories about themselves,” he added. “To compare the two does a disservice to our service members and those men and women who signed up to protect the nation.”

“A lot of us are very awkward talking about our service,” he said. “Many of us, myself included, never saw themselves in the line of fire. Never had to fire their weapon in combat. But we went to our jobs every day and we tried to do what we could do and leave the military a better placed than they found it.”

“The difference being is that a lot of these journalists out there right now, especially those White House reporters who want to grandstand and make the stories all about themselves, they could take a lesson from that,” Brooks added.

“That’s the problem right now, is that these journalists that are wanting to be thanked that go out and seek the self-adulation, have fragile egos and a self inflated sense of worth,” he concluded.

The media is nothing at all like our soldiers, who, for the most part, actually have integrity, honor, and a desire to do the right thing and defend the country and all it stands for.

The leftist media has dedicated themselves to being a propaganda arm for a group of individuals who hate everything about this country and want to fundamentally transform it into a socialist nightmare.

Why in the world should we thank them for their “service” when all they are doing is tearing the nation apart by pushing their agenda down on the average citizen?

It’s ridiculous.

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Source: The Daily Caller

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