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Mars Announces M&M's Are Getting a Woke Redesign to Fit a 'More Dynamic, Progressive World'

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Who doesn’t love M&M’s?

The little candy-coated chocolates are an American favorite, and you’re bound to find a pack for sale within a few meters of nearly any cash register in the country. With multiple flavors and fillings, it would seem these sweets have the market cornered.

Not everything is sugar in candyland, however. Mars, Inc., the company that manufactures the multicolored confections, has identified a major problem with its product.

No, nothing is wrong with the candy itself — the M&M’s formula is staying exactly the same as before.

But for the familiar characters used to advertise and decorate the product, it’s another story.

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Mars announced the major redesign of its characters Thursday, CBS News reported.

Instead of the apparently problematic past personalities, the six anthropomorphic M&M’s used to sell the candy are getting an update for our brave new world.

The redesign is an attempt to have the candies fit in with a “more dynamic, progressive world,” Mars explained.

Mars specifically mentioned the green M&M, a female character who sparked criticism over her sexualized portrayal.

Do you like Mars' redesign ideas?

According to the company, the candy’s new look will “reflect confidence and empowerment, as a strong female,” and will go beyond a simple wardrobe change.

The green M&M is also going to have a closer relationship with her female cohort, the brown M&M.

A tweet from 2015, now attracting the attention of people not happy with the seemingly radical changes, shows the confectionary pair holding hands on a beach.

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Other M&M’s characters will lose their trademark personalities to seemingly make them much less problematic.

The red candy will lose his bully-like tendencies, instead being kind to the others. The orange character will no longer be distressed and fearful, now being pivoted to “embrace his true self, worries and all.”

The titles “Mr.” and “Ms.” are also being dropped from the characters’ names, moving the focus away from their gender. Other personalities are planned to be shown, representing M&M’s of all types.

For fans of the old group, it seems Mars’ newly redesigned cast of characters is set to be virtually unrecognizable.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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