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MARTIAL LAW: Vlad Putin's Latest Manic Maneuver Revealed

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The world has long understood that Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is failing, yet the evidence continues to mount.

Moscow’s troops, unprepared and underequipped, have been deserting, surrendering, and dying at a record pace.  This is thanks in no small part to the 70-year old Soviet equipment they’ve been supplied with, and the severe lack of experience currently repopulating the ranks.

In a pathetic attempt to maintain some semblance of confidence, Putin illegally “annexed” four territories of Ukraine that he believed were under Russian control.  (Spoiler Alert:  The Ukrainians are still very much liberating their way through these locales).

Now, as even this tactic fails, Putin is upping the ante on his desperation.

Russia has announced the implementation of martial law in the four regions of Ukraine that it claimed to annex last month.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that the regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, and Donetsk in Ukraine were being placed under martial law.

Even Putin wasn’t exactly ready for the maneuver.

Putin didn’t immediately spell out the steps that would be taken under martial law, but said his order was effective starting Thursday. His decree gives law enforcement agencies three days to submit specific proposals and orders the creation of territorial defense forces in the four annexed regions.

Given that these regions are still disputed territory being defended by two opposing armies, many social media users scoffed at Putin’s suggestion, as the designation has no real power in a military setting.

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