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Massachusetts College SJW's Demand Justice for Campus Nazis' Beliefs

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Okay.  I wasn’t trying to go there.  At least not until we all grow up a little bit…but it seems that one college in Massachusetts has forced my hand.

Political correctness, as a byproduct of the enormously inclusive idea of progressivism, is a bad idea.  It is something that the world has tried before, and failed at.  By allowing all ideas, even the ostensibly bad ideas, based merely on the idea of inclusion, is dangerous.

It allows the failed and vile ideologies of even the recent past to resurface as “protected speech”.  Now, included in those ideologies, are those of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany…at least according to one college in Massachusetts. 

[Author’s warning:  There is a necessary amount of harsh language ahead].

Nicole Parsons said she was fed up with her university’s silence over a string of hate crimes on campus when she put up a sign in her dorm window that read “FUCK NAZIS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.”

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Parsons, a junior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, told BuzzFeed News on Sunday that she decided to put up the sign after a swastika was drawn over a “Happy Hanukkah” sign on a resident assistant’s door the first week of December.

Here is where it gets ridiculous.

The university’s highly promoted initiative on campus is called “Hate Has No Home at UMass” aimed at rejecting “all forms of bigotry and hatred.” As part of its initiative, the university has documented 19 hate crime incidents on campus since September.

Parsons said she didn’t expect the university to take any issue with the sign.

But a week after posting the sign in her dorm window, she received an email from a resident director asking her to remove the sign over “issues of inclusion.”

The letter she received was unfathomably shortsighted.


This is peak progressivism at its very finest.

Remember, folks, without a goal, we are doomed to repeat every progressive mistake of the past without education.  Nazism, as a progressive ideal of the 1930’s, is now being propped up and protected by the leftists of today.  This, my friends, is terrifying on levels that we have yet to realize.

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