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Massachusetts Mayor Vows Never to Drink Sam Adams Beer Again. The Reason Why Takes Liberal Childishness to a New Level



We’re all acutely aware that progressives have a tendency to be overdramatic and throw temper tantrums like reactionary children, yet every time a new example of this behavior pops up, it still sort of leaves us shaking our heads.

The latest example of this tomfoolery comes from a Massachusetts mayor who has decided that a fresh, delicious brewski from Sam Adams is never again going to grace his lips. The reason? Because the founder and chairman of the company praised Trump for his tax cuts.

Yes, that’s right. Trump reduced the tax burden for families and businesses, which was an excellent move, and giving him credit for it is somehow uncouth.

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Curtatone indicated as much Sunday, vowing to never drink Sam Adams beer again after he found out Jim Koch — the Boston Beer Company’s founder and chairman — thanked Trump for the tax cuts.

Koch was one of 13 corporate executives who met with the president at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort Aug. 7, reported — and he told Trump tax cuts help U.S. breweries compete.

“We were paying 38 percent taxes and competing against people who were paying 20,” Koch said, according to a White House transcript. “And now we have a level playing field, and we’re going to kick their ass.”

Trump replied, “Yeah. That’s good. We’ve done that. That was a very unfair situation. That’s right. Good job. That’s a really good job.”

And the shenanigans does not stop there either. Curtatone seems dedicated to stirring up a confrontation with Koch over his support of Trump, continuing his little Twitter tirade and extending it beyond the tax cuts.

This is the equivalent of a schoolyard scrap, being perpetrated by an overgrown fifth grader traipsing around in the skin of a full grown man. It’s sad and pathetic on numerous levels.

Koch was simply giving Trump credit where it was due. You don’t have to be a fan of the president’s to appreciate lower taxes. The less money paid out to the IRS, the better. You’d think this would be something that would unite Americans of all walks of life, but alas, it seems not.

Source: TheBlaze


Cable News Blasted for Conjuring Controversy in Columbus Police Shooting

This is just dirty.



alexandria ocasio-cortez

The sad truth of the matter, when it comes to the mainstream media, is that they are more successful when we are more emotional. It’s a dirty trick of human biology:  The chemicals in our brain that allow us to feel joy, sorrow, humor, and fury are just similar enough to one another that we become addicted to them, one and all.  Feeling something stimulates our self-awareness, and we learn to crave it. So, when you tune into CNN and what they are saying angers you, they’re planting small hooks in your noggin, reeling you in to watch the commercials that pay all of their salaries. If you watch Fox, however, and you find yourself enthusiastically cheering after a host or guest has a mic drop moment, your brain again finds what it’s looking for, and here you are seeing your 14th Progressive commercial of the day. All of the big networks know this and actively participate in this salacious shamanism, and sometimes they cross the line. Liberal outlets HuffPost and AJ+ omitted key details or pushed false narratives in their videos about the fatal police shooting of a Black teenager in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. HuffPost failed to note the woman who was shot, Ma’Khia Bryant, pushed another female to the ground and lunged at another with a knife when police arrived at the scene. The misleading HuffPo video was accompanied by the following text, which appeared to paint the police as the villain. “Black girl killed by police,” the text read. “Police in Columbus, OH shot & killed a Black teen around the same time the verdict was read in the Derek Chauvin trial. Body-camera footage showed an officer firing several times at Ma’Khia Bryant before she collapsed to the ground. The video also showed a knife falling next to the…

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Derek Chauvin on Suicide Watch, Away From General Population

Chauvin’s incarceration will certainly not be a pleasant one once he leaves isolation.



There is little doubt that Derek Chauvin is going to have a bad time in jail.  The former police officer was just convicted on several charges stemming from his involvement in the death of George Floyd, with one those charges being murder in the 3rd degree. Chauvin’s sentence won’t be known for some time, likely about 8 weeks, so there’s no telling just where he’ll wind up serving his time.  But ex-cops don’t fare all that well in certain prisons, and there will almost certainly be an incentive to tangle with the guy while he’s on the inside. For the time being, however, Chauvin is being kept separate from the general population, out of fear for his safety. Derek Chauvin has been pictured in his first mugshot taken at the maximum security prison in Minnesota where he’s on suicide watch after being found guilty on all three counts of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. The Minnesota Department of Corrections released the new booking photo on Wednesday morning as Chauvin woke up from his first night at MCF-Oak Park Heights. The 45-year-old dressed in an orange jumpsuit appeared tired and puffy-eyed with a frown and his hair in disarray. The mugshot was soon making the rounds online. Chauvin is expected to file an appeal in the coming weeks, possibly on the grounds that he could not have possibly received a fair trial with the statements being made in public by politicians such as Maxine Waters of California.

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