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Matt Walsh Humiliates Professors, Politicians and Medical Experts with One Question in New Documentary

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Over the past several months, Matt Walsh traveled across the country to ask one simple question — “What is a Woman?”

Tenured professors, medical experts and politicians were all unable to provide an answer.

This was all part of Walsh’s newly released, highly produced documentary for The Daily Wire, also titled “What is a Woman?”

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The film was released as the next installment of The Daily Wire’s budding streaming platform, which now includes several Hollywood-quality movies, documentaries and television shows.

Vacillating between comedy, heartbreaking drama and hard-hitting investigative journalism, the documentary exposes the left’s gender ideology for what it truly is — nonsense, exploitation and child abuse.

Don’t get it twisted — this movie isn’t a bunch of conservatives preaching to the choir.

Walsh talks to people on the street, an African tribe and even some of the transgender movement’s most prominent leaders.

Is gender ideology a danger to children?

While doing so, Walsh doesn’t simply make the conservative argument. He lets the movement speak for itself and, by doing so, reveals how truly insane it is.

Just watch a few clips from the film for yourself.

The woman featured in this first clip is Michelle Forcier, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics who takes a “gender-affirming care” approach when working with children.

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This second clip features Marci Bowers, a renowned surgeon who has performed “sex-change” procedures on children as young as 16.

This last clip features Patrick Grzanka, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Tennesse Knoxville.

Despite being the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Program in “Women, Gender, and Sexuality,” Grzanka is unable to define the word “woman” in the film.

Not everyone in the film is an insane leftist, however.

Perhaps the most powerful testimony comes from Scott Newgent, a woman who underwent gender-transition surgery to appear more male.

Scott regrets her decision and is the founder of TReVoices, a group of transgender educators opposed to left-wing gender activism. The group works to educate families, politicians and others about the reality of gender dysphoria and gender transitioning.

Here’s a powerful clip of Scott’s testimony in the film.

Overall, at this moment in time, a movie like “What is a Woman?” is sorely needed.

It’s time to show the world who these gender-crazed leftists truly are and what they’ve done to an entire generation of children.

If you’d like to see Walsh’s new movie, you can head over to

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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