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Maxine Waters Forced to Denounce Flag-Burning Outside Her Office. Here’s What She Said.



Maxine “Auntie Maxine” Waters has been as unhinged as ever over the last few months, seeing, in the faux-hysteria over separated families at the Southern border, an opportunity to turn her crazy anti-Trump rhetoric up to eleven.

And turn it up to eleven she did.

Ever-hopeful that Trump will be impeached for some reason or another, she responded to recent incidents of harassment against Trump admin officials to call for more harassment of Trump admin officials, prompting even her own party to try to get her to simmer down.

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But when a rag-tag group of anti-American protesters showed up outside her office to counter-protest the Oath Keepers, who had been planning on demonstrating at her California office after her repeated inflammatory comments, we learned that even Waters has her limits.

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Or at least, has woken up to the fact that her violent rhetoric isn’t working out too well for the Democrats, who are currently trapped between the loud, easily-offended far-left voters they’ve been taking cues from and the moderate, reasonable voters who are ever-alienated by the increasingly radical party platform.

The Daily Mail reports that after the protesters outside her office snatched an American flag from a vehicle they believed to be occupied by the Oath Keepers and proceeded to burn it on the premises, Waters eventually issued a statement seeking to distance herself from this kind of behavior, claiming the protesters acted to push “their own agenda,” and that the “incident ‘overshadowed’ her call for peaceful protests.”

Right. “Peaceful.”

“While most of those counter-protesters remained peaceful, I have learned that there were others in attendance who were not necessary from the 43rd District, but who nevertheless participated as counter-porters not so much in support of me, but to seek press attention in furtherance of their own agendas,” she explained.

“Unfortunately, this group’s actions with respect to the American flag, and their passing physical contact with other protesters, has created fodder for partisan media outlets to exploit and overshadowed the majority of counter-protests who engaged in peaceful demonstrations,” she continued.

“While I do not agree with torching the flag as a form of protest, I understand the Constitution guarantees everyone the right to this form of free expression,” Waters finished, to everyone’s shock, considering how little she seems to think of the nation in whose government she serves. “However, physical violence, or even the perceived threat of violence, is not an acceptable way to protest injustice today and can never be tolerated.”

I don’t know about you, but this is way too little, way too late. Waters absolutely should have known better than to openly call for public harassment of Trump officials following years of violent protest and things like Antifa doxing ICE agents (which was done in their spare time in between showing up at patriotic rallies to try to bash some conservative heads in, of course.)

If Maxine waters opposes violent protest, that’s news to everyone, and if she wanted to express this, she probably should have started condeming it years ago.

Save conservative media!


Bloomberg Buys Last-Minute Political Ads On Behalf Of Joe Biden In Texas And Ohio



Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just so happened to run the country’s most expensive failed presidential campaign in history, is now apparently blowing through a wad of cash in a last-minute attempt to buy some political ads on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The ads have been purchased in key states that are known strongholds for Republicans, Ohio and Texas. Via Daily Wire: The last-minute advertising amounts to $15 million – a fraction of what Bloomberg is spending in Florida to support Biden – and represents internal polling suggesting President Donald Trump is vulnerable in the two states, The New York Times reported. “Howard Wolfson, one of Mr. Bloomberg’s closest aides, said the former mayor had recently asked his team to run a round of polls to see whether Mr. Trump had unexpected vulnerabilities that could be exploited in the campaign’s closing weeks. Up to this point, Mr. Bloomberg’s general-election activities have focused on Florida, where he has pledged to spend $100 million supporting Mr. Biden,” the outlet reported. “The Bloomberg team conducted polling in a number of states over the weekend and came away convinced that Texas and Ohio represented its best targets — narrowly divided electoral prizes where the war for television airtime is not already cluttered with heavy advertising on either side. The team presented Mr. Bloomberg with the numbers on Monday morning and he gave the go-ahead.” “We believe that Florida will go down to the wire, and we were looking for additional opportunities to expand the map,” Wolfson told the outlet. “Texas and Ohio present the best opportunities to do that, in our view.” The big focus of the campaign ads being put out by Bloomberg will be the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ads running in Texas will…

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Protesters In Philadelphia Explode Into Rioting And Looting After Police Shooting



Well, it seems that we’re about to hit another round of rioting and looting by the Black Lives Matter movement — don’t worry folks, it’s all just tools to fight against oppression — this time taking place in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. A 27-year-old black man was shot and killed during an altercation with police officers earlier in the day, which is the latest inspiration cited by these angry “protesters” for the justification for their lawlessness. via Fox News: Walter Wallace, who was allegedly holding a knife, was fatally shot while two police officers were responding to a complaint about a man with a weapon in Cobbs Creek, according to the Associated Press. He “advanced toward” the officers, who then fired “several times,” the outlet reported. Wallace was hit in both the shoulder and chest, then taken in a police vehicle to a hospital, where he died. Following Wallace’s death, which was recorded and posted on social media, hundreds of people — some armed with bricks — protested in the 52nd Street commercial district, and the demonstration quickly turned violent. Police cars and dumpsters were set ablaze and NBC10 Philadelphia reported that at least 30 police officers were hurt. A 56-year-old sergeant was hit by a truck and sent to the hospital with a broken leg and other injuries. Some of the stores that were hit with looting included several Rite Aid pharmacies, a restaurant, and some clothing and shoe shops. Two ATM machines have also been reported to have been smashed. A total of 30 people were arrested during the incident. Folks, if Joe Biden is elected president and the left takes over Congress, this scene right here will become common place. How do I know that? Because the left will do nothing to stop the rioting and looting…

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