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McConnell Takes NASTY Shot at Trump Over 2022 Midterms

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There is no doubt that Donald Trump is facing a bit of an uphill battle to return to the White House, but some of the latest hurdles that are coming his way could signal new trouble to come in 2024.

As it stands today, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the GOP in the next presidential election, but that can be attributed to the simple fact that he’s the first person to throw their hat in the ring…and rather predictably at that.

But now, with a number of prominent Republicans breathing down his back, some within the senior leadership of the organization seem to be taking pot shots at The Don as well.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell claimed Tuesday that the Republican Party had a “candidate quality” issue in the midterm elections and blamed former President Donald J. Trump for his influence in the GOP primaries.

When a reporter asked McConnell if he expects to “take a more active role in choosing candidates” in 2024, he responded by referencing November’s midterm elections, asserting that he “never said there was a red wave” on the horizon.

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“I said we had a bunch of close races, and looking at each race separately, I wasn’t making that up,” he added before blaming the lackluster election results on “candidate quality.”

There was more where that came from.

“I do think we had an opportunity to relearn one more time: you have to have quality candidates to win competitive senate races,” he added.

McConnell then asserted that his ability to influence primary election outcomes was hindered by Trump and the power behind his endorsement in primary races.

“Our ability to control primary outcome was quite limited in ’22 because of the support of the former president proved to be very decisive in these primaries, so my view was do the best you can with the cards you’re dealt,” he continued.

The rift between Trump and McConnell has been widening for months now, and it is becoming difficult to see a 2024 election in which the longtime Bluegrass State Senator throws his support behind the former President.


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