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Media and Democrats Flummoxed that Latino Vote Remains Unwavering for GOP in Trump Era

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The Democrats and their Media lapdogs are flummoxed that the Latino vote for the Republicans has remained constant in the Trump era and they can’t explain why.

A new report by the Associated Press notes that data shows that the Republicans have not lost any support among Latinos even in the face of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

The AP noted:

Though Latino voters are a key part of the Democratic coalition, there is a larger bloc of reliable Republican Latinos than many think. And the GOP’s position among Latinos has not weakened during the Trump administration, despite the president’s rhetoric against immigrants and the party’s shift to the right on immigration.

In November’s elections, 32 percent of Latinos voted for Republicans, according to AP VoteCast data. The survey of more than 115,000 midterm voters — including 7,738 Latino voters — was conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

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Another survey found that about one-third of Latinos still support the GOP. And that number has remained steady.

The support surprises the AP even in the face of Trump’s actions over the border.

According to the AP, Mike Madrid, a Republican strategist in California said:

“They stick and they do not go away,” Madrid said. Much as with Trump’s own core white voters, attacks on the president and other Republicans for being anti-immigrant “just make them dig in even more,” he added.

Sacramento-based Rev. Sam Rodriguez, one of Trump’s spiritual advisers, said evangelical Latinos have a clear reason to vote Republican. “Why do 30 percent of Latinos still support Trump? Because of the Democratic Party’s obsession with abortion,” Rodriguez said. “It’s life and religious liberty and everything else follows.

Still, these activists warn that it isn’t a perfect out come. After all, they are losing support of the other two-thirds!

However, the point of the media is that they don’t understand why any Latinos would support the GOP. And therein lies the disconnect… for the media.

The media just doesn’t get it at all.

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