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Media Miscreants Sued for MILLIONS Over Covington Catholic School Coverage

Justice is on the minds of Covington Catholic School student Nick Sandmann, but political observers will be keen to hear testimony from the mainstream media on their Trump-era decision making protocols.



There was once an inherent responsibility within the mainstream media, but, with each passing day, that distinction seems to be eroding.

Much of this belief came back before the days of CNN and others, who are little more than “infotainment” channels competing for your emotional response in order to sell advertising.  The salaciousness and sensationalism have strong-armed the driver of this metaphorical car, and have relegated the facts to be middle seat in the back.

So when a group of teenagers from Covington Catholic School were being targeted in Washington DC months ago, the progressive press paparazzi got to work spinning a single photograph as a tale of bigotry and hate.

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In fact, the photo in question showed a young man awkwardly attempting to convey stoicism in the face of loud, older protesters who took umbrage with his red hat.

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And, let’s be real:  How stoic were any of us capable of appearing when were were in high school?

Now, the young man at the center of the controversy has taken umbrage with his portrayal, and is now suing the media outlets who defamed him.

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann’s attorney is suing NBC Universal for $275 million.

Sandmann’s lawyer says the NBC Universal media corporation “created a false narrative by portraying the alleged ‘confrontation’ as a ‘hate crime’ committed by Nicholas.”

“Today, @LLinWood and I filed a $275,000,000 lawsuit against NBCUniversal on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann.  The facts of the suit show the anti-Trump narrative NBC pushed so hard,” attorney Todd V. McMurtry posted on Twitter.

While we should all hope for justice in Sandmann’s case, there will be a particularly keen interest in the court proceedings, specifically in the potential of testimony from NBC officials regarding their decision-making process in covering the story in the manner they did.

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Ted Cruz Blocks Resolution Honoring RBG After Democrats Try Slipping Through ‘Dying Wish’



Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer thinks he’s a slick old billy goat, but he’s no match for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who blocked Schumer’s resolution to honor the recently deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after he tried to slip in some language that would emphasize honoring her “dying wish” not to be replaced until after the inauguration. Hey, you know, we all make dying wishes. Most of us don’t get to see them come true. That’s just a part of life. Here’s more on this from the Daily Wire: “Republicans came to us with this resolution, but it ignored Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish — what she called her ‘most fervent wish’ — that she not be replaced until a new president is installed. So we simply have added it to the exact same text of the resolution that the Republicans gave us,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “All the kind words and lamentations about Justice Ginsburg from the Republican majority will be totally empty if those Republicans ignore her dying wish and instead move to replace Justice Ginsburg with someone who will tear down everything she built,” Schumer continued. He singled out abortion, gay marriage, union rights, and healthcare as the main issues he fears will crumble under a Trump-appointed justice. Cruz, in response, said, “Unfortunately, the Democratic leader has put forth an amendment to turn that bipartisan resolution into a partisan resolution.” “Specifically, the Democratic leader wants to add a statement that Justice Ginsburg’s position should not be filled until a new president is installed, purportedly based on a comment Justice Ginsburg made to family members shortly before she passed,” the Texas senator added. Ginsburg reportedly dictated to her granddaughter that her “most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”…

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