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Media Mocks Texas Lt. Gov for His Comments on School Shootings. Here’s Why He’s Right.

These are the people who want to disarm you.



Mainstream news outlets and gun control advocates were quick to criticize Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick over his comments that the construction of the school in Santa Fe in which a 17-year-old gunman opened fire on Friday, killing 10, may have worsened the outcome.

What they didn’t understand was that he was actually right–the floorplans and exit and entrance strategies to any given building is the difference between a soft target and a hard target. There’s one problem: these critics simply have so little of an understanding of strategies for tactical defense, they couldn’t even recognize the language he was using.

“From what we know, this student walked in … with a long coat and a shotgun under his coat,” he said Sunday, according to a CNN article oh-so-objectively titled Texas official blames school shooting on too many exits and entrances. “It’s 90 degrees. Had there been one single entrance possibly for every student, maybe he would have been stopped.”

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“We need to get down to one or two entrances into our schools,” Patrick said again on Sunday. “You have the necessary exits for fire, of course, but we have to funnel our students into our schools so we can put eyes on them.”

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CNN, in their boldfaced and shameless bias turned this into: “Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blamed Friday’s massacre at a high school near Houston in part on ‘too many entrances and too many exits’ on the campus, prompting some to mock his perspective as ‘”door control.'”

It’s unclear, if anyone other than CNN “mocked” Patrick for this, but they were in good, left-leaning, gun-grabbing company:

Dana Loesch on her radio program Monday said those mocking Patrick, however, are nothing more than “tactical keyboard warriors” on Twitter and know nothing of the plain security knowledge Patrick is displaying.

“Dan Patrick was mocked because he talked about something that the people mocking him didn’t understand. They don’t understand what it takes to secure something like a school,” she said. “Dan Patrick was absolutely right.”

She also referenced veteran J.R. Salzman who corrected Patrick’s critics by explaining “he’s talking about secure entrances. My kid’s school only has one entrance to get in and you have to be buzzed in by the front desk. That’s what he’s talking about. Controlling access, establishing a secure perimeter.”

This is very basic security lingo, and yet those who are most adamant about your Second Amendment rights being destroyed are the least knowledgeable in the issues they claim the most to know about: mass shootings, and keeping our children safe.

These are the people who want to disarm you.




DC Statehood Incoming: House Set to Vote Within Days

Biden and his team are wasting no time setting up ways to stack the electoral deck in their favor.



Joe Biden and his cohorts in the Democratic Party are doing everything in their power to never lose another election again, and they are doing so with all the subtlety and grace of a three-legged hyena that stepped into a yellow-jacket nest. First and foremost, there are their recently-revealed plans to pack the Supreme Court with several new justices during Joe Biden’s first term. Now they’re looking to make good on their long-held pipe dream of making Washington DC its own state…and they are wasting no time. The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State. The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), voted the bill, H.R. 51, out of committee by a vote of 25-19 to create D.C. statehood Wednesday. But there are likely constitutional issues at play here. The ultimate argument seems to be whether the 23rd Amendment guarantees the federal Capitol at least three electors in presidential elections, Rep. Any Biggs (R-AZ) suggested Wednesday. Biggs’ view is supported by legal scholars, who opposed D.C. statehood’s feasibility without a Constitutional amendment to the 23rd Amendment. The Office of Legal Counsel in 2007 believed it was unconstitutional, the Justice Department under former President Reagan and former President Carter stated the transformation was unconstitutional, and so did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, when he sat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The move is highly controversial, and twenty-two state attorney generals have already sent a stern letter warning President Joe Biden about the danger of moving forward.

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Dems Begin Assault on 2A with Bill to Confiscate Suppressors

Here comes the heat from the left.



When it comes to the right to bear arms, there truly is no foreseeable future in which the Constitutional guarantee will disappear entirely.  It’s a logical fallacy to suggest otherwise…just look at how well outlawing guns went in Chicago starting back in 1982. There will likely never be a full repeal of the right, either, as the idea of disarming the American people, particularly as Russia and China grow ever bolder in their international devilishness, leaves the world’s greatest nation feeling like sitting ducks. So, instead of working toward a total nullification of the inalienable right, the Democrats simply work to make if more difficult, more annoying, and more expensive to own the sort of firearms equipment that they want. This year will be no exception. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) introduced legislation on Wednesday to ban the sale and possession of firearm suppressors. His legislation, the Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act, is co-sponsored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), among others. It would ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer, and possession of firearm suppressors. Menendez commented on the legislation, saying: Gun silencers are dangerous devices with one purpose and one purpose only – to muffle the sound of gunfire from unsuspecting victims. The sound of gunshots is what signals you to run, hide, take cover, call the police and help others save themselves; however, this is nearly impossible when a gun silencer is used. That is why we must pass the HEAR Act, commonsense legislation that will prevent armed assailants from using these deadly devices to make it easier to shoot and kill another person. Of course, there was no definitive plan as to how confiscation would work, or what the left believes an acceptable amount of casualties would be for…

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