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Media Pushing Abortion Narrative to Save Dems in Midterm Election

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The left and their surrogates within the infotainment industry have never really had any qualms about playing with the emotions of the American electorate for their own political gain, but their latest midterm narrative may be going beyond the pale.

The prophecy of a “red wave” coming to crash into Congress in 2022’s midterm elections has long been considered a foregone conclusion.  There are simply too many right-leaning Americans out there, still angry about the fiasco of 2020, and still loyal to Donald Trump, for any other outcome to materialize.  The Democrats don’t have this sort of angst or enthusiasm, and the current President of theirs certainly isn’t bringing any extra gusto to the table between naps.

And so the left needs something to ignite their base, and they seem to think that the delicate and emotional topic of abortion is going to be their meal ticket.

Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan, a Democrat, has won a special election to represent New York’s 19th Congressional District where the candidate made the race a referendum on the Supreme Court’s abortion rulings in a possible preview of November midterms.

Ryan will fill the seat formerly held by Antonio Delgado, the Democrat who resigned to become New York’s lieutenant governor this summer, and serve as representative for the district until 2023.

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The election turned when Ryan decided to focus on abortion.

In the final week of campaigning to represent the 19th District, which President Biden carried by less than 2 points in the 2020 election, Ryan, an Army veteran, said during a campaign rally in Woodstock that he hopes to “send another message as the national spotlight starts to shift” to Democrats.

“Think about the message sent in Kansas, think about the message we can send right here,” he said, referencing a ballot decision from voters in the Midwestern state last month that prevented elected representatives from regulating abortion in Kansas.

“How can we be a free country if the government tries to control women’s bodies?” Ryan asked in his first ad. “That’s not the country I fought to defend.”

On Wednesday, a vast number of mainstream “news” programs began to editorialize the message, overtly attempting to control the narrative now that they’d witnessed Ryan’s redemption.  They see the issue of life v. choice as a way to maintain some sort of relevancy – despite the Supreme Court having already ruled against Roe v. Wade.

By suggesting this one-dimensional approach to the remaining weeks of campaigning, the media is doing a disservice to the nation.  We deserve to hear candidates’ beliefs on all issues – not just the ones that CNN and others think can help them to win.

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