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John Salvatore
John Salvatore

Video: Joe Biden Says DACA Recipients ‘More American Than Most Americans’ (Watch)

Michael Stanley

President Trump Tells 2020 Dems Bloomberg Won’t Help Them If He Isn’t Nominee

Andrew West

Free Press Gets Sucker-Punched as Elites Meet for Bilderberg

Isa Cox

This Husband Didn’t Want To Adopt, Then God Gave Him An Incredible Vision

Warner Todd Huston

Foreign Billionaire George Soros Spent $1M On Virginia Prosecutor’s Race

A.F. Branco

State In Emergency


Melania Trump Spokeswoman Set to Replace Sarah Sanders As New Press Secretary (DETAILS)

Onan Coca

Sebastian Gorka RIPS John Brennan [Video]

Jeff Dunetz

Serial Killer: Illegal Alien Charged With Killing 12 Elderly Women, Possibly HUNDREDS More

Michael Bresciani

Prophecy 2020 – Will It Be A Year of Success or Catastrophe? (Opinion)


A Christmas Meditation on Christ as ‘The Prophet’ (Opinion)

Karen Kataline

Impeachment Tuesday: Have Right and Wrong “Departed?” [OPINION]

Tanya Grimsley

Feel the Bern Again

Greg Young

It’s Past Time to End Lame Duck Obama’s Harassment of Tech Companies [Opinion]

Chris Salcedo

Joe Biden Was Refused Holy Communion, Should This Happen More Often? [OPINION]

Ed Brodow

Wake Up — The Democratic Party is the Party of Socialist Tyranny (Opinion)

Eric Mitchell

Diminishing Doubt (Opinion)

Tim Tapp

Fix Existing F-35s Before Buying More [OPINION]

Gene Vallorani

Opinion: In Defense of Columbus Day

Julio Rivera

How Is the Government Preparing to Safeguard the 2020 Election? [OPINION]

Steve Sherman

Cancel Culture Kills The Beer Money Guy

Dan Wos

Gun-Free Zones: The Socialist’s Utopian Experiment [Opinion]

Cindy Grosz

Why A Bloomberg Candidacy Is Bad For Jews (Opinion)

David Lane

Why ‘Christianity Today’s’ Denunciation of Trump Won’t Change Any Minds [Opinion]

Dan Perkins

Can the Defense Team of the President In the Senate Call Adam Schiff to Testify? (Opinion)

Gregory Wrightstone

Climate Change Fueled Witch Hunts… Then And Now [Opinion]

A J Rice

Should Conservatives Embrace CGI Actors? [Opinion]

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

The American Public Is Losing In the Impeachment Battle [Opinion]

Steve Gruber

‘The Palestinian Delusion’ Untangles a Web of Fashionable Lies (Opinion)

Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni

Five Key Principles Pelosi Ignores For Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform [Opinion]

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