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John Salvatore
John Salvatore

The ‘Police Exist to Uphold White Supremacy,’ Says Hollywood Actress Alyssa Milano

Michael Cantrell

Flashback: Kamala Promises During DNC Speech That Biden Will End COVID Pandemic

Andrew West

VIDEO: Conservative Icon Tears Through 30 Pushups to Teach Reporter a Lesson

Isa Cox

This Husband Didn’t Want To Adopt, Then God Gave Him An Incredible Vision

Warner Todd Huston

Biden’s ‘Day of Prayer’ Remarks Never Mentioned God, But It DID Talk of ‘Racial Justice’ and ‘Climate Change’

A.F. Branco

Fishy Bureau of Investigation

Jeff Davidson
Jeff Davidson

Choosing to Trust Yourself

Jeff Dunetz

Andrew Cuomo Should Win The Political Darwin Award

Michael Bresciani

Morality From Our Corporations: Are Fumbling Feckless Fiduciaries Issuing New Commandments? (Opinion)

Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report: 2022 Midterms Can’t Come Fast Enough

Mark Scheeren

Addiction Doesn’t Have To Be A Hopeless Situation!

Ed Brodow

Our Country Needs a Revolution Against Crazy Ideas — Opinion

Karen Kataline

Masking the Truth: It’s Not About the Virus, It’s About Obedience — Opinion

Dan Perkins

Opinion — President Biden, What About My $50,000?

Onan Coca

Sebastian Gorka RIPS John Brennan [Video]

A J Rice

Social Media ‘Pogromming’ — An Opinion Piece on Silicon Valley Giants & Big Tech

Julio Rivera

RIVERA: Biden Chaos Is Inviting International Aggression

Greg Young

The Alamo Becomes A Musical [Opinion]

Dr. Bruce L. Hartman

‘Say My Name’ & Being Completely Inclusive — Opinion

Edward Woodson

WOODSON: Labor Policy Going In Right Direction Under President Donald J. Trump — Opinion

Tim Tapp

Did Governor Gretchen Whitmer Just Admit That Lockdowns Are Purely Political? (Opinion)

Dr Steven F Hotze MD

What Does Bill Gates Plan to Do After He Vaccinates the World Population?

Steve Sherman

It’s A No-Brainer for Second Amendment Voters — Joni Ernst All the Way (Opinion)


A Christmas Meditation on Christ as ‘The Prophet’ (Opinion)

Chris Salcedo

Joe Biden Was Refused Holy Communion, Should This Happen More Often? [OPINION]

Mark Anthony

Help High Tech Companies Protect America (Opinion)

Drew Allen

Operation Wind Fall: Lessons From Biden’s Failed Mission to Board Air Force One (Opinion)

Rick Amato

The Federal Government Must Focus to Crack Down on Discrimination [Opinion]

Tanya Grimsley

Feel the Bern Again

Bryan Crabtree

Congress Shouldn’t Punish Patients to Help Insurers [Opinion]

Darin Gerdes Ph.D

How the Electoral College Works (and Why It Matters) — An Opinion Piece

Judson Phillips
Judson Phillips

Silly Reports Shouldn’t Save the F-35 — Opinion

Cindy Grosz

Why A Bloomberg Candidacy Is Bad For Jews (Opinion)

Bailey Michelle Duran

Dear Young Christian, Your Vote Matters Now More Than Ever [Opinion]

David Lane

Why ‘Christianity Today’s’ Denunciation of Trump Won’t Change Any Minds [Opinion]

Ray Vallorani

The Deep State Could Never Accept This New Sheriff [Opinion]

Gary S Goldman

GOLDMAN: Promote Diversity In People & Platforms

Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni

Five Key Principles Pelosi Ignores For Sound Prescription Medication Pricing Reform [Opinion]

Troy Anderson

The Road from ‘Global Reset’ to Armageddon — Opinion

Gene Vallorani

Opinion: In Defense of Columbus Day

Gregory Wrightstone

Climate Change Fueled Witch Hunts… Then And Now [Opinion]

Alphonso Gibbs Jr

GIBBS: Avoiding the Holiday Blues

Steve Gruber

‘The Palestinian Delusion’ Untangles a Web of Fashionable Lies (Opinion)

Shak Hill

7 Financial Planning Tips During Coronavirus — Opinion

Bill Martinez

The Lost Headline — Opinion

Eric Mitchell

Diminishing Doubt (Opinion)

Jon Justice

After Coronavirus, What If? — Opinion

Dan Wos

Gun-Free Zones: The Socialist’s Utopian Experiment [Opinion]

James Lowe

Cut Military Waste to Win the War On Coronavirus COVID-19 (Opinion)

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