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Megyn Kelly and Sage Steele Team Up to Bury US Open for Ditching 'Star-Spangled Banner' for Black National Anthem

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Sports was always the one bastion of unity everyone living in the United States could count on. The woke agenda is now transforming this reality in its absurdity too.

Most recently, the national anthem went missing from the men’s U.S. Open final Sunday in New York.

In its place? Badly combined versions of “America the Beautiful” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing” — often described as the “black national anthem” — sung by American operatic baritone Will Liverman.

The constant reminder of how hateful the left is toward anything traditional and patriotic is truly pushing conservatives toward the edge.

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It is no wonder Megyn Kelly and Sage Steele shared their disgust with the U.S. Open’s dismissal of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” I stand with them.

This latest transgression is one of many contrived to divide our nation along those lines.

As Kelly put it in her post on the X social media platform Sunday, “No national anthem at the #USOpen – just a mixture of America the Beautiful & Lift Every Voice & Sing. This, as everywhere we are barraged with ’50 years of equal pay!’ reminders and Moderna signs.

“Can we just have a non-woke, non-agenda pushing men’s tennis championship?”

Steele, who recently parted ways with ESPN, shared a similar perspective in a post responding to the former Fox News host.

“Ahhh… the irony of refusing to allow our national anthem … at the *US* Open,” she said. “I remain hopeful that we can get back to truly appreciating the greatness of America, but man…this is sad.”

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Indeed, what has happened to our nation and the progress we’ve made in cultural relations since the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. walked the earth is extremely sad.

Now it is impacting sports on a larger scale and in a way where the national anthem signifies the “national divide” more than “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” This should never be.

It’s a shame that this needs to be said, but the national anthem is for Americans of all races.

Should the national anthem have been played at the U.S. Open on Sunday?

Choosing to include no musical performance at all on Sunday would have shown better judgment, albeit still not the best.

Like everything else, sports has become another tool for the left to use to divide us. To that same end, music has too. Our cherished pastimes that have always brought people together are now being used to tear us apart and announce it on the world stage.

As we struggle within, we are viewed as sitting ducks by our enemies. It’s not a good look — and certainly an invitation to challenge our global stature and position.

The national anthem reminds all of our citizens that we are a great nation to be proud of.

The wet jello sung before the U.S. Open men’s final reflects the sad state that we find ourselves in — one we need to leave behind come the 2024 presidential election.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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