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Melania Spokeswoman Has PERFECT Response to Report FLOTUS Is Banned From Watching CNN

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The left seems obsessed with portraying Melania Trump as some kind of damsel in distress, undisturbed by the fact that this unfair characterization of the First Lady is completely and totally sexist.

But of course, leftists don’t care at all about being sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise bigotted if these sentiments are aimed at anyone on the right, and despite the fact that Melania has hardly done anything remotely offensive in her tenure as First Lady, she’s married to Trump, so the left continues to condescendingly pity her as if she is not an independent woman capable of making her own decisions.

Go figure.

So when they jumped all over a story that Trump had flown into a rage after discovering Melania watching CNN (or in close proximity to a television playing CNN, at least) on Air Force One, Melania’s spokeswoman shut them down, exposing their pettiness and hypocrisy in one simple statement:

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Melania Trump has been working on her Be Best campaign, which is addressing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, a little-known aspect of the opioid epidemic affecting the children of opioid addicts.

That’s right–the First Lady has no time for stupid rumors about what she’s “allowed” to watch because she’s too busy paying attention to the kinds of things that actually matter to our country.

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