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Middle School Teacher Under Investigation for Showing Pro-Life Video to Students

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If you are pro-life and know anything about the kind of sex ed that’s going on in California’s schools, this story should enrage you. The double-standards, denial, and hypocrisy are beyond comprehension.

A seventh-grade teacher at the Sacramento City Unified School District is under investigation by the school board for showing a pro-life video to her students because they feel that it was inappropriate for their age group.

It would be perfectly legal in California, of course, for some seventh-grade girls to receive abortions. Seventh-graders also learn basic anatomy and biology, right?

So it remains inconceivable that a video explaining what the abortion procedure does is inappropriate for students of this age.

That is, of course, unless you believe abortion is wrong. Then, perhaps, because these videos depict graphic images of a murder, one would have a leg to stand on.

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The Daily Wire reports:

The pro-life video in question features a former abortionist turned pro-lifer named Dr. Anthony Levatino. Levatino, in collaboration with pro-life group Live Action, medically describes what an abortionist does during first and second trimester abortions in at least two different videos (both posted below), though it’s unclear which one was allegedly shown to the middle schoolers.

The former abortionist performed hundreds of abortions before his adopted daughter was tragically killed outside their home by car. “I looked at the remains of a pre-born child whose life I had ended, and all I could see was someone’s son or daughter,” Levatino explained of his conversion.

The cognitive dissonance among parents who objected to the video is stunning.

One anonymous teacher told the Sacramento Bee, “We all know that the subject of abortion is sensitive, complex and controversial, and I personally don’t think it belongs as a topic to go into in any depth in a seventh-grade class.” Abortion “requires a thoughtful, nuanced discussion,” she added.

What’s nuanced and complex about whether or not abortion dismembers a human baby in the womb?

Lila Rose, one of the most prominent pro-life activists in the country, who began her organization, Live Action, when she herself was just in high school, explains that it is imperative for young people to understand what abortion is:

“Tens of thousands of teen girls have abortions every year in America, and they deserve the information about fetal development, what happens during an abortion procedure, and its risks,” explained Rose. “How can students understand the biological, moral, and ethical aspects of abortion without knowing what the abortion procedure entails for both the developing child and mother?”

Rose continued: “These videos were designed to be teacher aids and are medically accurate, created in consultation with a group of doctors and experts, and have been viewed online nearly 100 million times. The abortion procedure series are medical animations, not graphic footage, and accurately depict the most prevalent abortion procedures in a format suitable for teens.”

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The only thing unpleasant about these videos below is that they expose the undeniable truth of what the abortion procedure is. I agree that no child should have to watch them–because it isn’t something that should be happening legally in our country at all. It’s not something those young people should ever have to think about.

But as long as the young women in that classroom can walk into an abortion clinic and pay for the procedure without so much as a guardian to accompany them, it is not only appropriate for them to know what the procedure entails, it is vital.

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