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Mike Pence Rumors Begin Swirling as Travel Schedule Comes into Focus

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What the future holds for the American political system is as unknown as it’s been in over a dozen decades, as the nation appears to be divided in ways that we haven’t experienced since the Civil War.

While many of us are still somewhat in a state of shock over the events of January 6th, we must recognize this as a bellwether event.  There were angered Americans inside the Capitol attempting to disrupt the electoral process.  We’ve somehow allowed ourselves to be too easily desensitized to what happened, through the meme-ification of the event, and perhaps our perspective is still a bit off.

We also have an ex-President who’s been kicked off of most major social media platforms by an emerging technological oligarchy who’ve been unrepentant in their hopes to steer the entire nation to their own political whims.

These are extraordinary events in American history, but we’re too busy betting on whether or not fake money on the internet is going to be affected by a billionaire’s dialogue on Saturday Night Live.

Now it appears as though we are getting at least some indication of what’s in store for us in the coming years, as Mike Pence’s travel schedule appears to be revealing some possibilities that have seldom been discussed thus far.

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In a move that will spark further 2024 speculation, former Vice President Mike Pence will headline a major Republican Party dinner and fundraising event in early June in New Hampshire, the state that for a century has held the first primary in the race for the White House.

Fox News was first to report this past week that Pence will headline the Hillsborough County GOP’s annual Lincoln Reagan awards dinner on June 3 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Days before the news broke, Pence traveled to South Carolina, the state that votes third in the GOP’s nominating calendar and holds the first southern contest in the presidential primaries, to give his first address since the end of Donald Trump’s administration on Jan. 20.

“We’ve got to guard our values … by offering a positive agenda to the American people, grounded in our highest ideals,” Pence spotlighted in his speech.

There is no telling what sort of support Pence would find among Republicans, however, as the MAGA movement are certainly no fans of the former Vice President thanks to the criticisms fired his way by Donald Trump during the final few weeks of his first term.

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