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Minnesota City Council Member Attends Local Meeting While Relaxing In His Hot Tub

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It seems the longer we all remain in quarantine under stay-at-home orders, the nuttier we become and the more relaxed and socially acceptable it becomes to attend meetings sans pants.

I, for one, am more than grateful for this change, however, it seems some folks are rebels who are always looking to push the boundaries further and further out.

Like Minnesota city council member Martin Long, who initially attended a teleconference in his home, but soon moved to his outdoor hot tub.

Welcome to the new normal.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

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Long can be seen floating around while his colleagues spoke. When he was recognized to speak by Mayor Gregg Nelson, he had difficulties unmuting his microphone.

“I’m trying,” he said. “My fingers are wet. I’m in the hot tub. First I’ve ever been on a council meeting when I’m in the hot tub, so it’s kind of cool.”

Long then removed his shirt again, prompting the mayor to shake his head, before he updated his colleagues on his work.

Now why in the world is this news, you ask?


It’s hilarious.

Look at the sheer volume of serious news stories that are all doom and gloom floating around the Internet. Isn’t it nice to have a break from all the darkness and have a good chuckle? Laughter is good medicine and improves the overall condition of the soul, so lighten up already.

Secondly, this is just how stir crazy everyone is going right now. It’s just about time to open the world back up and let folks go back to business as usual before things really start getting weird.

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