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Minnesota Mother Arrested for What She Allegedly Did to Two Teenagers in Hotel Room After Marital Spat

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CORRECTION, Feb. 5, 2024: The allegations against Allison Leigh Schardin were not proven in court at the time of publication. An earlier headline for this article suggested otherwise. The Western Journal regrets the error.

Some folks who have a massive, snarly fight with a spouse end up at a marriage counselor, where they get charged a whole lot of money.

But how one Minnesota woman responded to a pothole on the highway of marital bliss has her facing charges of a very different variety, according to the New York Post.

Last week, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office charged Allison Leigh Schardin, 38, of Blaine, Minnesota, with third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to the Pioneer Press.

The charges involve two 15-year-old boys.

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The tale began on the night of Jan. 14 at a hotel in Roseville, Minnesota, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Schardin said she, her husband and her two children were at the hotel for a “staycation.”

Did this make you angry?

Also at the hotel was a boys’ hockey team from Colorado that was in town for a hockey tournament.

Schardin and some of the boys met in a hot tub, as she confided in the teenagers about her marital woes, according to the criminal complaint.

A Star-Tribune report syndicated to Yahoo reported that one of the teens said Schardin’s husband came on the scene and yelled, “If you don’t come upstairs, our relationship is over.”

The boys and Schardin went their separate ways for the moment, according to the complaint. But having exchanged contact information, Schardin sent a Snapchat to one boy, complaining that she had a fight with her husband and wanted to come to the room where the boys were, according to the charging document.

According to the complaint, the boys said that upon arrival she asked them their ages and told them they were young enough to be her kids, the Pioneer Press reported.

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Then, the complaint said, the boys alleged she started talking about “sex and stuff,” according to the Star Tribune.

Schardin then got into bed with two of the three boys in the room, asked about their sexual activity and began indulging in sexual activity with them while asking them to perform sexual acts on her.

The woman later admitted to police she asked the boys for a condom, but she “claimed she wasn’t going to go through with it,” according to the complaint.

The Pioneer Press said the boys eventually told the woman to leave. She later showed up at one of their games, the complaint said.

“[Victim 1] said they all started getting nervous and he was shaking on the bench at one point because he wanted to leave what happened the night before in the past and she was trying to follow them,” according to the complaint, per Yahoo.

The charging document said Schardin asked that boy not to tell the police about what took place in the hotel room.

The report said Schardin admitted kissing the boys and said they asked her to take off her clothes, which she initially resisted.

Schardin was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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