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Missy Robertson Shares Fun and Hilarious Robertson Family Christmas Tradition

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While Jesus is clearly the reason for the season, time spent with loved ones comes in at a close second. Fun traditions that bring families together over the holidays only take a sense of humor and a little creativity, something the Robertson family of A&E’s Duck Dynasty has no shortage of.

In an interview with podcaster Billy Hallowell, Missy Robertson shared the hilarious tradition their family observes every Christmas.

While Robertson lamented that the extended family doesn’t spend as much time together through the year as they did while still filming their hit reality show, she says the family pulls out all the stops for the holidays.

“…There’s always a lot of food! You know, nobody’s bringing anything from the grocery store premade. It is [an] amazing array of food.”

Listing just a few of the many mouthwatering dishes the family brings together, including the three fried cajun turkeys it takes to feed them all, Robertson joked, “it’s just really ridiculous when you think about how much food there is.”

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Robertson also revealed that such massive holiday get-togethers were beginning to overburden Kay Robertson, who, along with husband and patriarch Phil, hosted and fed the entire clan each year.

Christmas night, however, is still celebrated at Phil and Kay’s house, Missy says. “It’s just our tradition and nobody wants to do that anywhere else than Mama Kay’s house.”

“We have our gag gift tradition,” she said. “Kay does her gag gifts and, honestly, sometimes the gifts are so stupid they’re not even funny, but the way that she presents them is the funniest thing ever. She is her own show.”
The Robertson matriarch’s gag gifts are presented so hilariously, Missy says they have everyone rolling on the floor laughing.

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