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MIT Scientists Suggest 'Space Bubbles' Could Reverse Climate Change

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Over the course of the last several decades, there has been plenty of talk about “climate change” within the scientific and political communities, with the latest trend in the saga taking aim specifically at fossil fuels.

In the 70’s, many mainstream scientists were warning that a new ice age could be on the horizon, believing that fossil fuel emissions could somehow insulate our atmosphere against the sun.  The current belief is just the opposite, however, with the scientific community now suggesting that “global warming” is the issue at hand.

And while there are no shortage of organizations and activists out there demanding the we ween ourselves off of fossil fuels to help prevent their alleged climate cataclysm, a group of researchers at MIT believe that they have come up with a more proactive approach to cooling down the planet:  Space bubbles.

The idea revolves heavily around the creation and deployment of several thin film-like silicon bubbles. The “space bubbles” as they refer to them, would be joined together like a raft. Once expanded in space it would be around the same size as Brazil. The bubbles would then provide an extra buffer against the harmful solar radiation that comes from the Sun.

This new plan is based on a concept first proposed by astronomer Roger Angel. Angel originally suggested using a “cloud” of small spacecraft to shield the Earth from the Sun’s radiation.

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Researchers at MIT have taken that same basic concept and improved it, though, by changing out inflatable silicon bubbles for the spacecraft that Angel originally proposed. Being able to reverse climate change would be a huge step in the right direction.

These researchers have suggested that the “space bubbles” would need to be positioned at the point in space where the earth and sun’s gravitational forces cancel each other out, and that a spacecraft may be needed to keep the shield in the proper position.


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