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MIT Study Finds that We are 'No Safer at 60 Feet than at Six Feet'

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A major study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that all this mythic social distancing does absolutely nothing whatever to keep us safe from the coronavirus.

Since the fools running the CDC first bean making their baseless proclamations about the virus, we have been told that standing six feet away from other people — what they have called “social distancing” — will save us all from getting the coronavirus.

This claim has always been absurd. But, for some unfathomable reason, millions of people fell for this line of nonsense. And now MIT has blown the claim out of the water.

According to

MIT chemical engineering Prof. Martin Bazant and applied mathematics Prof. John Bush, found proof that “characterize[s] the evolution of the concentration of pathogen-laden droplets in a well-mixed room, and the associated risk of infection to its occupants.”

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The study notes that the respiratory droplets posited to be the primary transmitters of COVID-19 come in numerous sizes from large to small. “In the presence of a quiescent ambient, [smaller droplets] settle to the floor; however, in the well-mixed ambient more typical of a ventilated space, sufficiently small drops may be suspended by the ambient airflow and mixed throughout the room until being removed by the ventilation outflow or inhaled.”

According to models of “closed, well-mixed” spaces, the authors claim, pathogens are “distributed uniformly throughout” the local environment. “In such well-mixed spaces, one is no safer from airborne pathogens at 60 ft than 6 ft,” the study states.

Reached for comment, Bush told Just the News that their study indicates “that one cannot make sweeping statements about reopening.”

“Each space must be assessed on a case by case basis,” he said. “Our study provides a rational means of making such an assessment. Most importantly, it indicates that one must limit the time spent in a given indoor space, to an extent determined by the relevant physical parameters.”

The authors of the study added that six feet or 60 feet, doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, the study then veers off the track by claiming that masks work. This claim does not comport with any other study. In fact, a recent study by researchers at Stanford found that masks don’t really help prevent COVID transmission at all.

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