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Mitt Romney Roasted Online for 'National Hot Dog Day' Video

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There’s a reason the Steve Buscemi “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme from the show “30 Rock” has been such an enduring trope.

That reason? It’s universally applicable even today, over a decade after the meme first entered the zeitgeist.

Look no further than Sen. Willard Mitt Romney, the polarizing Republican senator from Utah who effectively brought that Buscemi meme to life on Wednesday.

And it was all over hot dogs.

For those who don’t celebrate, Wednesday was National Hot Dog Day, and Romney celebrated the occasion on Twitter.

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In and of itself, sure, it feels like shameless shilling — albeit harmless shilling.

No, the issue wasn’t with the fact that a U.S. senator wanted to spend part of his day tweeting about his “favorite meat.” Rather, the problem was mostly with Romney’s delivery.

In short, his “endorsement” of hot dogs had all the zest and enthusiasm of a hostage video.

Take a look for yourself:

“Well, as you all know, today is National Hot Dog Day,” Romney began with undulating emphasis. “And perhaps you also know that hot dog is my favorite meat. I love hot dogs.

“I love them in buns. I love them outside of buns. I love them with baked beans. I just like hot dogs. It’s the best, you know, best meat there is, without question.

“So to all of you like me who are celebrating National Hat, Hot Dog Day, congratulations to you, and may there be many, many more hot dogs served in our wonderful land.”

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Adding to the meme-worthiness of this clip was the fact that the senator opted to wear a ratty baseball cap with a lone hot dog emblazoned on it.

The entire video came off as if Romney forgot to do it (hence the baseball cap he snatched from the congressional locker rooms and the “I’m reading from a script” energy) or he really was held at gunpoint by Big Sausage.

To the shock of nobody, Romney’s tweet did not go over well. The failed 2012 presidential candidate was eviscerated in the replies to his tweet (which, to his minimal credit, he has not turned off responses to).

Some responses directly or indirectly hearkened to that Buscemi meme, skewering the senator’s wooden and stilted mannerisms:

Many respondents doubted the multimillionaire’s claim.

Hilariously, even the seemingly respectful responses were genuinely perplexed by Romney’s calling hot dogs his favorite meat:

The most succinct response, however, probably came from Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik. She simply responded with a cringe.

Romney might want to reconsider spending his idle time making propaganda for America’s industrial weenie complex and instead focus his attention on the 2024 election.

The establishment Republican is facing an intraparty challenge to his seat from Riverton, Utah, Mayor Trent Staggs, and possibly others. Videos like that are going to be fun fodder for his opponents.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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