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Mitt Romney Sparks '24 Rumors with Nasty Trump Hit Piece

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Earlier this week, rumors began to spread that Donald Trump may preempt the 2022 midterm elections with a major announcement regarding his campaign for reelection in 2024.

The move would be a significant one, accomplishing at least two rather powerful things:  It would take the wind out of the sails of the January 6th select committee, who appear to be largely focused on damaging The Don’s reputation ahead of any such announcement.  And it would freeze any other candidates on the GOP side of things – particularly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whose rapid rise in the polls has already agitated Trump on at least one occasion.

But now, ahead of Trump’s already-early announcement, yet another prominent Republican is taking to the political limelight, and his anti-MAGA vitriol has many wondering if he’s not posturing for a spot in the 2024 race himself.

An Op-Ed in the Atlantic, penned by Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), blasts both sides of the political spectrum arguing that America is missing the bigger picture.

“What accounts for the blithe dismissal of potentially cataclysmic threats?” questions Romney in the piece titled, “America Is in Denial.”

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His prose was “presidential” to a T.

“The left thinks the right is at fault for ignoring climate change and the attacks on our political system,” wrote the Senator continuing, “The right thinks the left is the problem for ignoring illegal immigration and the national debt.”

Romney argued that regardless of political affiliation, the entire country is “in denial.”

The Senator is essentially calling for Americans to open their eyes to the true problems that face our nation arguing that “when entire countries fail to confront serious challenges, it doesn’t end well.”

Romney claims that Americans have been viewing the world through “rose-colored glasses,” with “limited consequences,” for their actions.

“If we continue to ignore the real threats we face, America will inevitably suffer serious consequences,” wrote Romney.

Romney would go on to blast Trump by name as well, suggesting that a GOP nomination of Trump in ’24 would render the political morass “incurable”.

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