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Mom Shoots Burglar Through Bedroom Door, Cops Know She Made Direct Hit When They See Arm 100 Yards Away

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Don’t mess with Texas mommas.

Carlos Garcia was in jail Tuesday night after being treated for a gunshot wound when an Edinburg, Texas, woman defended herself and her children by shooting Garcia through a bedroom door. He had allegedly broken into her home, the Concho Valley Home Page reported.

Shortly after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, authorities responded to a call about a burglary in progress.

Upon arrival, Hildago County deputies learned from the homeowner that a man had broken into the home via its garage.

Attempting to hide, the homeowner locked herself and her children into a bedroom, and the intruder tried to get in.

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“The homeowner warned Garcia that the police had been called and she had a gun,” the sheriff’s office said.

“When Garcia refused to leave and continued to try to get into the bedroom, the homeowner shot once through the door.”

The intruder fled but was later found with a wounded left arm about a hundred yards away in a field.

After receiving medical care Garcia was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony and was booked into jail, according to

Should every homeowner have a gun?

The woman took wise steps in the incident. Note the sequence: She secured herself and her kids in the bedroom, she called police, she told the intruder that she had made the call and she warned him that she was armed.

He didn’t listen. She didn’t hesitate. Bang.

Of course, in some places, she would have been the criminal, but she was in Texas. They understand these things.

If you cross some borders you’ll be stopped to see if you have guns. The joke is that if you cross the state line into Texas, a big Texas Ranger will stop you and ask why you don’t.

Indeed, in Arkansas I heard a woman say a cop stopped her one night, saw she had a concealed carry permit and then scolded her when she admitted she didn’t have her gun with her.

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We live in a fallen world, and it’s filled with desperately evil people.

Despite all the calls to defund the police, disarm campus cops and have law enforcement by social worker, there is the reality of protection and preservation of good based on force.

That Edinburg woman, no doubt, has grateful children that can attest to that.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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