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Mom of Young Chiefs Fan Further Crushes 'Racism' Narrative with Big Revelation

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Deadspin just keeps digging its own hole deeper and deeper.

The woke sports website has been on blast since Monday for smearing an innocent boy in a Native American headdress and warpaint as “racist,” calling for the NFL to speak out against this boy for his supposed “racism.”

Never mind that they deliberately used as their header a picture that only showed the side of his face painted black and called it “blackface,” while omitting that he was wearing both red and black on his face to show team spirit for the Kansas City Chiefs.

And now, as if that wasn’t enough of an “L” for Deadspin, it turns out that the boy himself is Native American.


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Shannon Armenta, mother of the young boy, Holden Armenta, shared on Facebook on Monday that her son is, in fact, of Native American descent. Hailing from Santa Ynez, California, the family is not only of Native American descent, but according to The Post Millenial, his grandfather serves on the board of the Chumash tribe in their hometown.

Perhaps if Deadspin and the article’s author, Carron J. Philips, hadn’t initially been so bloodthirsty in their haste to condemn a random small boy — or if their fellow news outlets weren’t insisting on singling out children for “problematic” behavior — we could extend them some grace.

Should this family sue Deadspin?

The conduct of Deadspin and Philips in particular, however, was utterly inexcusable. Philips chose to make a political statement where there was none, sacrificing a young boy on the altar of social media and labeling him “racist,” when he was following the tradition of Kansas City fans everywhere. More importantly, he was embracing his heritage. If there truly was an issue, Philips could have focused his ire on the parents — or even CBS for putting the kid on TV. Never should anyone, especially a supposedly award winning journalist, single out and target a child.

Unfortunately, publicly flogging a child for perceived racist acts has become something of a trend on the left.

Remember Nick Sandmann and the rest of the Covington Catholic High School boys?

When a deceptively edited clip of Sandmann smiling awkwardly while leftist activists screamed in his face went viral, Sandmann was mercilessly harassed online and in-person. Multiple news outlets jumped on the proverbial dog pile, almost gleeful at the chance to accuse someone wearing a MAGA hat of hateful activities, regardless of the fact that he was a minor.

Sandmann and his family were eventually able to take the narrative back once the full clip was released, so much so that the very news outlets that smeared him were forced to pay him a hefty settlement.

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Will the same happen with Holden Armenta and his family?

His parents have been quite active on social media defending their son, to be sure, and his father, Raul “Bubba” Armenta, has indicted they do have a lawyer, according to Heavy.

Whether or not his parents decide to pursue legal action, they would be absolutely justified in doing so.

By sending a message to these unscrupulous news outlets that targeting innocent children will not be tolerated, perhaps, we can work to reverse this deplorable trend and protect our children.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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