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Montana Restaurant Cancels Donald Trump Jr. Campaign Rally. Here's the Reason They Did it.

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A restaurant in Bozeman, Montana has decided to cancel an upcoming campaign rally event to be held at the establishment by Donald Trump Jr. in support of GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

The reason why? Because, according to them, they do not want to pick sides in a political battle.

Guess they didn’t get the memo that there’s no way to not “pick sides” in politics. Not without being a spineless jellyfish with zero convictions. Say what you will about liberals, but at least they have something they believe in and will stand up for, even if it is ultimately wrong.

The rally was to take place on Sept. 25 at Bozeman’s Midtown Tavern.

Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, is set to join him for the Montana rally, which is currently seeking a new venue, KBZK-TV reported.

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Jeff Wilcox, the restaurant’s manager, told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that the restaurant “definitely [doesn’t] want to take political sides.”

“That’s never our intention,” Wilcox explained. “That’s just not who we are. We just try to stay politically neutral. We’re a restaurant.”

The restaurant reportedly had no indication that the venue booking was for a politics-related event until Rosendale’s campaign announced it on Tuesday.

A spokesperon for Rosendale noted that over 200 people had reserved tickets for the event, which, despite not having a venue nailed down, is still scheduled for September 25.

These folks should’ve done their due diligence before allowing this event to be booked, to ensure they wouldn’t be uncomfortable with the proceedings taking place in their establishment. Not only was this a poor way to run a business, but it also puts on full display the lack of a backbone the individuals running this restaurant possess.

Bad form, folks. Bad form.

Source: TheBlaze

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