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More Secret Court Filings Emerge in Mueller's Mystery Case

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With Robert Mueller preferring to work in the dark as often as possible, there has been seemingly little forward movement in the cased of alleged Russian “collusion” during the 2016 election.

So far, Mueller has treated us to a variety of charges against men such as Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, yet little to no evidence of Russian collusion has emerged.  The President himself has repeatedly denied the charges, predictably, and has tweeted “NO COLLUSION” more than a handful of times as well.

One of the cases that make up the Mueller tapestry is garnering a little extra attention this week, however, due to its extremely guarded nature.

The federal government filed a sealed response Friday to an unnamed foreign company’s fight to get the Supreme Court to weigh in on a mysterious grand jury subpoena rumored to be connected to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

The filing’s contents are hidden from public view and it does not mention Mueller’s office, but was filed before a Dec. 31 deadline set by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

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Details of the clash between the company and prosecutors remained unclear, but Politicoreported it may involve Mueller’s team due to its secrecy.

The mystery deepened when lawyers for the President made a statement on the case.

Mueller’s team has not publicly commented on the dispute, while lawyers for President Trump said the case does not involve the president.

“We’re not involved in it — we’re not aware of the nature or scope of the litigation,” Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s lawyers, told the New York Times.

Just days ago, the case in question forced the closure of an entire floor of a DC federal courthouse, piquing the interest of the mainstream media.


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