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Moscow Mouthpieces Now Advocating 'Scorched Earth' Campaign in Ukraine

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While much of the world is certainly gloating about the abject failures of Russia in Ukraine, there are rather salient fears to address as well.  Namely:  Just how desperate is Vladimir Putin going to become?

The Russia Federation President Dictator has been humiliated at just about every turn during this invasion, which saw him not only send 70-year old Soviet tanks to the front lines, but has also lasted about seven months longer than his original 72 hour prediction.

Now, with Russian troops literally dropping their rifles and running back to the border, Putin has been forced to make a deal with the devil by pledging his partnership to Beijing.

Those who speak for the Kremlin on state television are growing frantic as well, and are now advocating for the complete and utter destruction of Ukraine and her people.

Appearing on Wednesday’s broadcast of the state TV show 60 Minutes, military expert Igor Korotchenko said: “This is a new reality, which is why we should be acting quickly, harshly and uncompromisingly. First of all, we need to scale up our strikes against critical infrastructure in such a way that one region after the next, one district after another, Ukraine is plunged into darkness… By December, 20 million residents of Ukraine should flee to the West, to the European Union. This is our goal and the task we should accomplish.”

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Korotchenko proposed: “Perhaps we should openly declare: ‘Leave. Zelensky is turning this territory into a real hell. No one knows what will happen here next. Twenty million, go to Europe.’ After that, we sink region after region into darkness. This is our enemy nation, the modern Third Reich, and we should act accordingly.”

There were even more terrifying statements being made elsewhere.

Similar proposals permeated Russian airwaves, with experts arguing that the rules of the civilized world prohibiting war crimes are merely recommendations, compliance with which is optional. On Monday, appearing on The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at the Moscow State University, explained why those international conventions are irrelevant: “The rules of war, according to international conventions, are of an advisory nature: not to strike [certain objects], if possible. But it’s no longer possible.”

There have already been some rather significant concerns about the potential for Vladimir Putin to employ nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and this latest state-sponsored rhetoric certainly doesn’t appear to refute the possibility.

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