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Most Americans Feel Positive About American Anthem, Except for Blacks

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A recent poll found that most Americans have positive feelings about the national anthem. But not if you are black. It appears that Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick have succeeded in causing more than a quarter of blacks to hate the National Anthem.

In the poll written about by the Washington Post, large majorities still feel positive about the “Star Spangled Banner.” But blacks have the highest percentage of those who hate the anthem with four in ten saying they are against the anthem.

According to the poll, 71 percent of adults overall still have a positive feeling about the anthem (with only 6 percent negative). It is even higher among whites. 80 percent of whites feel positive about the anthem (with only three percent feeling negatively).

Hispanics and Asians also have a large number in favor of the anthem with both groups feeling 67 percent positive about the anthem. Only eight percent of Hispanics felt negative about the anthem and a mere six percent of Asians were against the song.

However, blacks only have 35 percent positive feelings about the “Star Spangled Banner.” Worse, a large 22 percent actually had negative feelings about the song. And an even larger 42 percent didn’t know how to feel, meaning that groups like Black Lives Matter and ant-Americans including former NFL player Colin Kaepernick have convinced that blacks should be suspicious about the tune.

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Reporter Byron York tweeted an interesting graphic:

Yes, it is clear that this poll tends to show that black people are falling for the anti-Americanism that the left is steeped in. It is a sad thing to see.

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