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MSNBC Analyst Comes to Elizabeth Warren's Defense, Slams Cherokee Nation Over Statement.

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Many folks on the left appear to be desperate to come to the aid of Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who earlier this week released DNA test results that were supposed to somehow prove she Native American, but they actually proved the exact opposite.

Part of why this is such a big deal is because Warren has touted her Native American heritage for many, many years. She was even labeled the “first woman of color” to be admitted into Harvard law school based on her claims.

The Cherokee Nation released a statement about the whole fiasco condemning Warren’s claims and for attempting to use her alleged heritage for political gain.

This statement, however, did not go over well with an MSNBC analyst who claims the Cherokee Nation is racist for their treatment of Warren.

Noting that Warren “long claimed that she’s part Cherokee,” anchor Craig Melvin cited: “Cherokee Nation, Secretary of State Cherokee Nation, said in a statement, ‘DNA testing cannot prove that Warren is Cherokee or any other tribe.’” The host asked: “Do we think that the decision itself was a mistake? Do we think that the timing was a mistake?”

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After Maxwell laughably argued that the move “put to bed a lot of the controversy” and somehow placed President Trump “on the defensive,” she blasted the Cherokee: “But in terms of the Cherokee Nation’s statement, I found that to be ridiculous.” Claiming that she was “also part Cherokee,” Maxwell accused the Native American tribe of racial discrimination:

So to be clear, I think that while the rollout of the DNA test and the decision to do a DNA test to be able to, quote, “prove” that she is part Cherokee, may not have been the best method. I also think that the Cherokee Nation’s response was problematic because it actually ignores the fact that DNA testing historically has been used to exclude black natives from tribal affiliation. And so, that history has been completely lost in this entire conversation, and that’s potentially very unfortunate.

A Democratic senator falsely claims to be Native American to advance her academic career, she does a DNA test showing that she may only be 1/1024th of that heritage, and one of her left-wing defenders attacks the Cherokee Nation as racist after they rightfully call out Warren for trying to misappropriate their culture. The contortions that the liberal media go through to defend Democrats are truly astounding.

There’s a lot of rumors floating around political circles that Warren is considering a presidential bid in 2020. If that’s true, there’s little wonder why she’s released this DNA test, as it could potentially giver her a boost among minorities. However, that might not actually be the case.

While many folks on the left are eager to come to her rescue, there’s quite a significant portion who think her claims are ridiculous and that she needs to apologize. Whether or not this debacle will impact her aspirations for the presidency remains to be seen.

Source: Newsbusters

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