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MSNBC Host Roasted on the Internet After Breaking Down and Choking Back Tears Live on Air

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Mockery resounded across the social media on Saturday after an MSNBC host became weepy while discussing the third anniversary of the Capitol incursion.

The U.K. Daily Mail called the moment host Jonathan Capehart started crying “bizarre,” coming as it did while former Washington Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone was on the air to promote a book he wrote about the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

‘I’m going to try to get through this… Thank you for what you did three years ago today…,” Capehart said as Fanone looked on expressionless during an interview on “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart.”

In a post on X in which he shared the video clip of Capehart’s performance, conservative commentator Colin Rugg called the incident ‘unreal.”

“State propaganda has reached a new level,” he wrote.

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Others were similarly disgusted.

“This is your ‘media’ America How pathetic,” conservative commentator Benny Jonson wrote. While another poster wrote, “Here come the waterworks.”

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The Daily Caller noted that Capehart later praised Fanone saying, “Despite having lived through that harrowing assault and living with the consequences of that trauma, Fanone has not stopped defending our democracy.”

“He has sought to hold those responsible accountable, and he has an urgent message for the American people,” he said.

“As the 2024 presidential campaign season gets underway, Fanone told HuffPost, quote, ‘Ultimately, you, the American voter, will be the last line of defense when it comes to preserving democracy as we know it and ensuring the peaceful transfer of power,’” Capeheart said.

The Daily Mail noted that Capehart has been open in his bias against supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“I think MAGA and the domestic terror threat is much more worrisome than any foreign threat we could face,” he said in a 2021 interview.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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